How come Apple Watch Series 4 is better than the iPhone?

How come Apple Watch Series 4 is better than the iPhone?

Apple has improved their smartwatches in such a way that tech fans started to compare them with the iPhone. The Watch Series 4 was first compared to the iPhone 4, but a better comparison would be with the iPhone 5S. The smartwatch and the smartphone are compared based on their processor technology. The iPhone 5S was Apple’s first phone to feature a 64-bit processor, and Apple Watch Series 4 is the company’s first watch to be equipped with a 64-bit chip.

To get more familiar with the process of comparison, we will talk a little bit about the specifications this watch has.

As mentioned previously, the Series 4 comes with an S4 processor chip which based on details from Apple, will offer twice the speed of its predecessor.

The battery of this smartwatch is great too. Taking into consideration the upgraded components, larger screen and thinner body, the 18 hours it claims to offer its purchaser is quite great.

Even though the battery life was improved, it is still not enough especially because this watch has now sleep tracking. When the smartwatch is being charged at night, we can’t use the sleep tracking so here comes the disadvantage. If the battery had been longer, users could have had the possibility to sleep with their watches around their wrist and get accurate stats about their sleep. Since Sleep Cycle has become popular, people are willing to keep an eye on their sleeping patterns.

We already know how great and much faster the S4 Silicon in Package (SiP) that Series 4 is equipped with is, but after further testing, it looks like its processor can perform similar to the iPhone 6s.

According to Apple, the 64-bit dual-core S4 chip is even two times faster than the chip the Series 3 was equipped with, the S3 chip. Videos of comparisons have begun to appear. In the one, we saw you can see five Apple watch models from the first Series to the recent ones which were made so you can see how improved it is.

Apple Watch Series 4 Speed

Obviously, the Series 4 is the faster, but according to MacRumors, it is not too different from the Series 3. The real difference could be seen when Series 4 was compared to older models such as the Series 2.

MacRumors recommends that if you are using a Series 2 at the moment or an older one and you want to update to the recently released smartwatch from Apple, you should do so. When compared, the Series 4 is way faster than the Series 2 which should make for a switch. To see better what the S4 chip can do, the developer Steve Troughton-Smith decided to try something else to make it glow.

Troughton-Smith has twitted a picture where he shows how he uses only 64 percent of the power of the chip. He said that the S4 could do “60fps physically-based Metal rendering and real-time physics”.

From what we have seen, it is impressive how the S4 SiP is so powerful. What was proven to us is that Apple takes its time when it comes to improving a new product and that the company is willing to develop their watches so it will suit the feature releases of watchOS. Even more than that, the 64-bit S4 chip might be so good that it could also be featured in the AR glasses which Apple is rumored to release. In case it has a different chip, at least it should be as small as the S4 or even smaller.



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