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How an Amazon Employee bought a domain named “” by paying only $12 from Google

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This is one of the most shocking news that we barely come across, an ex-Google employee and current Amazon employee has bought a no ordinary .com domain, but and he made this decision in only one minute.

Sanmay Ved, who made this unbelievable news, found that, the world’s largest search engine site was available for purchase. The cost of this domain was even more shocking, it was only $12.

Without any further delay, Ved added the domain to his cart and made payment expecting to get some error messages. The shopping was done successfully without any error or difficulties. Within few minutes, his inbox was flooded with messages confirming his ownership.

Ved said that he got access to the webmaster control for a minute.

However, within few minutes an order cancellation email and refund came from Google Domains as the Google Domains is owned by Google itself, so it can control all the purchases and revoke them if required.

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Google forgot to renew ownership?

It is still not clear what was happened exactly? Google forgot to renew its address ownership using its own domain service or if it was a bug in Google Domains? Whatever the real reason is, we must say that Sanmay Ved is feeling great because of owning the giant search engine even for a minute.

Here you will find all the ordeals along with screenshots that Ved has shared.

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