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Honor 5C Looks And Feels More High-End Than Its Price

Another great mobile device from Huawei is the Honor 5C, which was released in April 2016. Generally, it has a touch screen form factor with dimensions proportionate of its 5.2-inch screen size. It is a budget-friendly mobile device to meet current demands.

The Honor 5C is cheap enough for people who are looking to buy without a binding contract. It is even cheaper than the larger versions like the Honor 5X or the Motorola Moto G4. This makes the Honor 5C a popular brand in the market heading off to a good start.

Although the Moto G4 is still dominating the budget phone category, the Honor 5C is even more comfortable in the hand with its 5.2-inch display. Moreover, its processor is more power in comparison with other budget phones in the market today. If you are looking for a great deal without breaking the bank, the Honor 5C is surely a smartphone to beat.

Design And Display

The screen size of the Honor 5C measures at 5.2 inches and a resolution of 1080 x 1920p. Moreover, its pixel density reaches up to 424ppi, making a more rewarding purchase than just any mid-range phones. In fact, it is trying to edge its closest competitor, the Motorola Moto G with its design. The Honor 5C is even more advantageous with its back plate that is made of brushed aluminum, instead of using an all-plastic shell design.

Although it might not feel as high-end as the iPhone, the metallic glamor of its back is surely a winner. You can’t feel this on mostly metal finished smartphones. Having a phone that feels great at your fingertips. It is also easy to handle and pocketable with its smooth, curved sides.

Hardware Features

The Honor 5C packs in an octa-core 1.7GHz Hisilicon Kirin 650 processor. At the same time, it has a 2GB of RAM and internal storage of 16GB, as well as an expandable storage to handle a 128GB microSD card. If you are looking for a device that should meet the specs of a high-end smartphone, but doesn’t hurt your budget, then the Honor 5C is the right choice.

Camera Features

The camera is unlike anything you have seen on a mid-range phone. As a matter of fact, its rear camera is comparable with other high-end smartphones. At the same time, it has an 8MP front-facing camera that you can hardly see on mid-range devices. Moreover, you get an Android 6.0 operating system and a skin running Emotion UI 4.1.

Connectivity Features

When it comes to connectivity, the Honor 5C stands out like no other in its range of budget-friendly smartphones. It supports Wi-Fi, GPS, headphones, radio, and Bluetooth. However, it doesn’t support NFC, infrared, or OTG USB. However, it supports a couple of SIMs to accommodate nano sizes. It also supports 3G, 4G/LTE, and GSM connectivity on its 2 SIMs.

Lots of reviews confirm that this smartphone is good enough for the touch and it looks like a high-end product. This makes the Huawei Honor 5C the smartphone to buy this year.

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