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Holiday Bonanza Makes its Way to GTA V; Lots of Gifts for Players


The holidays are here and the festivities of the season are in full swing in the beautiful city of Los Santos. Video games are known to bring seasonal decoration features to their themes for various festivals and holidays, and Christmas is definitely the biggest one of them. The GTA V city of Los Santos is no exception and the players will soon find the city covered in snow and their accounts full of gifts and goodies from their Santa – Rockstar Games. The biggest special appearance is surely that of the new car that’s come as part of the Christmas update – the Grotti Furia.

The Grotti Furia

As mentioned above, the Grotti Furia is the most coveted gift out of the wide array of gifts from Rockstar Games to the citizens of Los Santos. The car is a masterpiece and an epitome of the automobile as well as graphics design. The design of the car is being said to be frankensteined together from the designs of various Ferrari models that have been launched recently, and that is clearly evident in the lines of the car’s body.

As expected, it isn’t shy of anything in terms of performance either. The car is being reported to be a beast of a racing vehicle that can go bumper to bumper with the fastest cars yet in the GTA V world so far, when in the hands of a driver skilled enough. But, all that being said and done, the Furia isn’t technically a ‘gift’ for all those who live in Los Santos. The car comes with a price tag of GTA$ 2,740,000 that you’ll have to pay to see it in your garage.

Christmas Updates

GTA Online players will receive their annual Christmas gift packages on the 24th and 25th of December, most likely. It’s been reported that all Los Santos residents will get free Fireworks Launcher, ammo, and a Green Reindeer Lights Bodysuit on the coming Tuesday, among other gifts that users are expecting, but the real treat will arrive on 25th, the Christmas Day.

GTA V Holiday

On the Christmas day, users will get a fully decked out Invade and Persuade RC Tank, completely pre-weaponized and upgraded by Warstock. Also, those who log in anytime until the 1st of January will find additional rewards like sweaters and pajamas waiting for them. Similarly, The Deck the Halls livery will also be free for those who simply login on the day of Christmas!

There will also be two cars up for grabs at the Diamond’s Lucky Wheel for the holidays. On the 24th, users stand a chance to win the Ocelot Ardent sporting the Deck the Halls livery, and on the 25th, the  Vapid Clique adorned with the Merry Cliquemas livery will be up.

Christmas will also bring with it lots of spending, and therefore Bunkers, Hangars, Facilities, Clubhouses, Businesses, and Offices, etc. are all going to be on a 50% discount throughout the season, and quite a few cars have been discounted by up to 40%.


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