Upgrade Your Language Ability with Hinative

If you are learning directly from the proper source, you will learn it fast and correctly. So does in learning language, the native speakers can be the best partner. But, to find one, isn’t easy. Hinative provides a community forum where the native and learner can meet, become friends, and exchange the knowledge about their languages with each other. At this moment, Hinative is available in iOS platform with easy to use UI foremost the template feature to facilitate you in asking a question.

You should try this app if you are keen to learn certain language or planning to travel to another country which has a different language. With over than 120 languages supported, Hinative can become the perfect community for you to learn. You can ask the questions in audio form to correct your pronunciation, and the members of the community will give the answer in audio form as well. You can listen the correct pronunciation from the native. The other question type you can ask is by using a certain picture. What makes this app different from others is that you can get the advices related to the travel you are planning, just contact the people who live in that country, so you can experience it like never before while avoiding common problems.

Hinative, source: itunes.apple.com

Hinative, source: itunes.apple.com

You can download and use the Hinative app for free in the App Store, or you can become a premium member by spending $9.99/month and get the premium feature, like:

  • Users can listen to other users’ voice playbacks
  • Using the bookmark function, you can easily browse and search (coming soon) for questions and answers
  • Enable to receive notifications from questions which you bookmarked
  • Enable to use a ticket when you post a question to put it at the top of the question feed and more