Higher Optical Zoom in Premium Phones in 2020 Predicted; Huawei P40 Pro to Lead the Way

Higher Optical Zoom in Premium Phones in 2020 Predicted; Huawei P40 Pro to Lead the Way

Expect the top-end smartphones to be launched in 2020 to vie with each other in highlighting the camera capabilities on their smartphones. The focus could be mainly on the zooming features without causing distortion to the image clicked. This is only possible through higher optical zoom and 10X optical zoom is predicted on devices like the Huawei P40 Pro which are slated for release in March 2020.

An Improved Telephoto Lens on the Huawei Flagship

The telephoto lens has been a part of most multiple camera units in smartphones released in 2019. The importance is usually given to the primary shooter. Now, the 8MP telephoto lens to be fitted on the rear camera setup of the Huawei P40 Pro will be supported by two periscopic mirrors to guide the light to the lens. It is predicted that this telephoto lens will have an aperture size of f/4.0. The end result is the superior optical zoom of 10X and P40 Pro will be the first-ever smartphone to be launched with this feature.

You may recall that another Chinese phone maker Oppo had promised a similar 10X optical zoom camera in its smartphone model but ended up offering 10X digital/hybrid zoom.

Popular tipster Ming-Chi Kuo feels this higher optical zoom feature may become the norm in 2020 and many leading smartphone models may go in for this.

Samsung S11 Flagships May Feature 5X Optical Zoom

Huawei has, for some reason, fixed the launch of its next flagship towards the end of March 2020. Samsung will be out with its S series flagship Samsung Galaxy S11 and the other models before that. The expectation is that the highest optical zoom featured on these phones will be 5X. There is the prediction that the zoomed shots on the Samsung smartphones will be superior in resolution to the ones on the Huawei P40 Pro.

Huawei P40 Pro Price Predicted

There is an online Chinese platform that carries the information that Huawei hopes to sell 9 million units of the Huawei P40 Pro in 2020. It suggests that the price of this phone for the Chinese market could be in the range of CNY4000-5000 ($570-$713).

There are also leaked images of the case for the Huawei P40 pro which clearly confirms the rectangular slot for the cameras to be housed in the rear panel. Again, there is a prediction that this rectangular bump could become the norm next year with many phones adopting it.

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