High-End Mixed-Reality Visor by Apple Could Be Launched In 2022

The much talked about but unconfirmed Apple mixed-reality headset could feature premium quality sensors and cameras that would help in tracking the movement of the users’ eyes and hands. According to recent reports, the headset would also feature a visor-like design and swappable headbands.

According to a report published in The Information, the device will consist of more than a dozen cameras that would work towards tracking hand movements and giving users a video feed of their external environment. Apart from this, the headset is also likely to feature high-resolution 8K display screens along with high-end eye-tracking technology and several other premium features.

Concept images and prototypes of the upcoming device offer a glimpse into a curved visor-like form factor that gets attached to the face of the user with the help of swappable headbands and mesh material. Based on the pictures of Apple’s prototypes, The Information put together a concept rendering of the rumored headset.

It has been learned that instead of being developed as an out-and-out augmented reality (AR) device, the team at Apple is referring to it as an MR device owing to its ability to blend virtual reality experiences with applications that utilize the objects which the individual wearing the headset is surrounded with.

At the moment, the device is probably focused on serving as a platform for games and applications based on education and productivity. N301 is the codename to which the device is currently being referred to. Some of the appealing features of the headset include its ability to block the peripheral vision of a user but offering a view of the world surrounding them at the same time to put together a mixed-reality effect.

Apple is putting together a plethora of other control mechanisms for the watch. One of the methods that would be integrated is a thimble-like device that the user would wear on their finger and control the functioning of the software. While the headset would come armed with many high-utility features, there is a chance of a few accessories sold separately.

Some of the prototypes indicate the possibility of a crown or a physical dial at a corner of the headset. While the headset would be available in different versions, all the versions will feature LiDAR technology. Apple has already been using this particular technology in some of its devices like the iPhone and the iPad Pro.

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