Here’s Why The Ridiculous Prices of The New iPhones Are Not Ok

Here’s Why The Ridiculous Prices of The New iPhones Are Not Ok

iPhones are arguably the most popular handsets. While there are many benefits offered by Apple’s smartphones, there are plenty of things to criticize as well. The unrealistically high price is one of them. iPhones were always known for being quite expensive, but the latest reveals managed to take things to a whole new level.

The price evolution for Apple’s iPhones is unusual to say at least. We all know that the price for technology goes down in time, but this is something that hasn’t happened for this company. Strangely enough, the high prices appear to be the source of success for Apple.

High prices for the initial release

Back in 2007 Apple released its first iPhone. No one had any idea that the device will become one of the most popular ones in the world, but Apple did receive some backlash for its ridiculously high price. The starting price for the first iPhone was $499. That was a lot back then, and Apple’s rivals believed that no one will buy a product priced like that.

The price went down a bit for AT&T contracts, but iPhones could still be bought for $499, up to $599. However, the high price did not stop the customers. The products were successful and Apple became the big company that is today. However, the prices never went down.

iPhone prices continue to grow

The latest iPhones released by Apple managed to set another record. They are the most expensive to date, and the starting price is $1000. That is without using sales tax or any other costs required for a new phone.

Obviously, it is simple to notice how much iPhones have evolved. If we take a look at the first iPhone we remember that it only had 4 GB of storage and a 2-megapixel camera that was not even able to record videos. Meanwhile, the latest iPhone has two 12-megapixel cameras as well as a 5.8-inch HD display and 54 GB of storage. And users can choose an upgraded version as well when it comes to storage.

Why is it so unusual that prices continue to grow?

You might think that it is normal to have higher prices for newer products, but the truth is that this is quite unusual when it comes to technology. It is a known fact that the cost of technology is decreasing rapidly, and this is happening constantly.

We have adjusted the prices of each iPhone for inflation so that we can compare them. Therefore, the original iPhone released in 2007 remains the cheapest one, at $604.59. iPhone 3G (2008) reached $691.04, iPhone 3GS (2009) $700.15, iPhone 4 (2010) $692.23, iPhone 4S (2011) $722.08, iPhone 5 (2012) $707.99, iPhone 5s (2013) $707.9, iPhone 6 (2014) $688.28, iPhone 6s (2015) $688.53, iPhone 7 (2016) $678.6, iPhone 8 (2017) $714.922, iPhone X (2017) $1.021.75 and iPhone XS (2018) $999.

iPhone SE was the iPhone we all needed

We cannot forget iPhone Special Edition. This iPhone maintained the design of iPhone 5S, but it had the internal upgrades of the iPhone 6. It was released back in 2016 and then it received another re-release in 2017 when it got some storage upgrades. This smartphone was the ideal alternative for numerous Apple users. That is because its cost was perfect for price sensitive markets and for users who were looking for something more affordable. It was under $500, which is truly accessible, especially if we compare it with the prices of the latest iPhones.

Back in March 2017 the 16 GB and 64 GB models were discontinued, but the 32 GB and 128 GB models continued to exist. However, this changed after Apple’s latest events when the newest iPhones were released. The company decided to discontinue iPhone SE for good, and this decision was not appreciated by everyone.

Not only that iPhone SE represented the affordable iPhone that everyone needed, but it was also the only iPhone left which still had a 4-inch display. iPhone screens have gotten bigger and bigger, and not all users are here for it.

A successor for iPhone SE

Many Apple customers are still hoping for an iPhone SE successor. In fact, many rumors and leaks appeared to indicate that we will receive one during the events that took place this autumn. However, that did not happen, and since Apple released three iPhones, it is highly unlike to get a fourth one the same year.

There has been plenty of online speculation about the iPhone SE 2, and we still haven’t lost our hope. In fact, it is possible that we will receive the iPhone SE successor during the spring launch period. It would be a wise thing to do for Apple because it would allow it to access other markets as well.

According to the information that we received so far (take this with a grain of salt), the iPhone SE 2 was supposed to look like a smaller version of the iPhone X. Leaks of screen protectors seemed to confirm that theory. This way, we would get an accessible iPhone, but we would also receive one that can fit in our hand.

The future

There is still uncertainty when it comes to receiving an affordable iPhone. In fact, there is a chance that Apple wants to turn its product into high-end ones that are only accessible to a couple of people. Until now, the strategy seems to have worked, and iPhone sales continue to go up. It is hard to say what the future holds, but we do know for sure that a price decrease would be appreciated by many customers.

Alternatively, adding a cheaper product to the line-up could help Apple cover huge market portions, which is something that each company should aim to do. The iPhone SE could be the device that does that, but we can only wait to see whether Apple decides to bring back affordable prices for its smartphones.



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