Here’s the New Reboot of the Motorola Razr That Will Be Released in a Few Months

Motorola is finally going to release its foldable smartphone which was supposed to come out earlier this year. Although there is no official confirmation on the release date, the company still plans to announce its device by the end of the year, a person close to the company told CNET. Apparently, Motorola had been working on this secretive foldable phone for a while now, which seems like an honest revival of the good old Motorola Razr brand. The said phone will have a screen that is inwardly foldable like the classic Razr flip phones, according to a patent from 2 years ago.

Motorola is following the tracks of Samsung and Huawei – both companies were going to introduce foldable devices by mid-2019 and then race amongst themselves to be called first with the technology. The initial designs got a great response online and it seemed like people were totally waiting for the foldable phones again. However, things turned upside down when the phones didn’t perform so well on the market.

Razr’s Popularity

Motorola’s smartphone makers are also facing the same production issues Samsung and Huawei faced, given the delicate screens on these phones, unlike normal phones. The foldable displays are usually made up of plastic, which causes them to fall victim to scratches easily. Motorola’s original Razr flip phone (Razr 3) is still one of the most recognizable phones of all time and continues to be immensely popular among old-time users.

It seems that Motorola is finally all set to take advantage of the Razr’s success. The new touchscreen Razr 3-like foldable smartphone will be Motorola’s latest addition to the luxury segment, meaning that the phone may be an exclusive deal with limited numbers only. Although Razr is a household name, Motorola’s luxury segment has been close to nonexistent for a while now, which raises the question- Will Motorola be able to come up with a sufficiently large marketing budget and product lineups, like its rival brands Samsung and Huawei?

So far the phone has only received rave reviews online, and it seems that it might certainly get a great response in the market, given the old Razr’s popularity and the nostalgic relationship it has with many among the target audience. The phone will see a release in the next couple of months in all likeliness.

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