Here’s What You Need to Know About Earth View

Here’s What You Need to Know About Earth View

By now, you probably already know that Google Earth has been updated and that it comes with a few new features. In fact, you might have spent several minutes (or even hours!) exploring the program and looking up your house, your school, your office, and other areas in your neighborhood. You might also have used the Voyager tool to do some couch traveling and virtually visit exciting places around the world.

One thing you might have not discovered, though, is Earth View. Google defines it as a “collection of the most striking and enigmatic landscapes available in Google Earth”. The photos are taken by satellites so, when you browse through Earth View, you’ll see how certain places look from above. Think of it as the opposite of Street View: if Street View shows how your house looks like when people pass by, Earth View shows how the earth’s landscapes look like when aliens pass by.

Accessing Earth View

There are two ways to enjoy Earth View. One of these is to use the older version, which can be accessed on This has been around for several years, and it contains only 1,500 images that have been hand-curated by Google’s staff. Still, it’s more than enough to keep you entertained for hours.

To view the images, open the URL above and click on the left and right arrows to browse through the satellite photos. Some of the places featured in Earth View include Kadan in the Czech Republic, Ceel Dheer in Somalia, and Suihua in China. The collection includes both natural landscapes with swirling colors and patterns as well as urban areas that feature man-made structures and neat geometrical shapes.

When you come across an interesting image, you can download it as a wallpaper for your device. Just click on the hamburger icon on the upper left side of the screen and choose “Download Wallpaper”. If you want to learn more about the place, click on “View in Google Maps”. A new tab will open showing the place in Google Maps, where you can see street names and get directions to the area.

Earth View is also available in the updated version of Google Earth at Click on the hamburger icon, choose “Voyager”, then go to the “Nature” tab. Scroll down until you find “Earth View”. Open Earth View and click on the “Explore” button; the program will automatically choose a place and open it for you. You’ll be shown a static satellite image of the area, along with a 3D interactive display where you can zoom in and out, view the place in 2D, or access Street View.

On the lower side of the screen, you’ll see a color spectrum. Click on any one of the colors to access a place whose satellite image corresponds to that color. Clicking on the dark green option, for instance, pulls up Carauari in State of Amazonas, Brazil, while clicking on the red option pulls up Bulo-Burte in Hiran, Somalia. You can also view each area one by one by clicking on the left and right arrows.

Final Thoughts

Check out Earth View to enjoy amazing satellite images of our planet. Learn more about Google Earth by going to this page.



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