Helio P90 Chip From Mediatek To Empower Mid-Range Devices

Helio P90 Chip From Mediatek To Empower Mid-Range Devices

You don’t want to shell out more for the flagship phones but want top-rated performance just like the flagship devices? MediaTek has announced the latest technology to upgrade the mid-range devices with the advent of the Helio P90 processor which is going to be a part of several Android smartphones and it is not going to cost you more than $500 to $700. The arrival of this chip is an attempt of the company to sell products loaded with multiple features at affordable rates. According to the Sales Director of MediaTek, Russ Mestechkin, the intention of the company is to deliver flagship-like performance in the range of mainstream devices. With a lift in the mid to the high-end space of the smartphone industry, the launch of the Helio P90 chip is certainly going to create a unique experience for the cell phone users.

Devices with Helio P90 chip

What are the changes you may expect in the devices that are to be loaded with this chip? Well, the octa-core processor amalgamates two powerful ARM Cortex-A75 cores at 2.2 GHz along with six effective Cortex –A55’s at 2.0 GHz using a 12-nanometer process. When this is paired with a PowerVR GM 9446 GPU, which enhances more than 50 percent improvement in the performance of the devices from the previous generation, and the load balancing technology of MediaTek which helps in balancing the load across several cores to make the power consumption more effective and emitting minimal heat, you will readily understand what this upgrade may mean for the devices. However, the 12 nm process may not be as efficient for a chip of this range.

MediaTek Helio P90

Do you know?

What’s more, the Helio P90 can offer an elevation of about fifteen percent in the performance of the smartphones over the older Helio chip which was released in February. However, the biggest gain for the smartphones is the way in which the new chip can empower the software that depends on artificial intelligence. According to the company, the new silicon may offer about four times the performance of the applications that are AI-powered when you compare the previous chipsets of Helio. Certainly, this advancement will change a lot of things as far as the smartphones are concerned.


The premium features of this chip is no longer unique to the expensive smartphone brands and the demonstration the company has provided to date is just the tip of the iceberg. That is quite important as several advancements in the smartphones today rely on the AI-driven algorithms to carry out functions such as facial recognition, editing photographs, and identifying the objects in the images. Now, the mid-range handsets with the P90 chip will run the same applications with equal ease. Even though P90 is not the most expensive chip about which the audiences need to be thrilled, but it is certainly one of the most significant advances for those smartphones lying in the competitive price bracket right now.



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