Hackers Reveal The Truth To Save The World

The hacker Jacob Applebaum, whose name is connected with the revelations Wikileaks, revealed that the secret intelligence agency of the United States has a number of “implants”, not only in software but also in computer hardware and mobile phones to monitor users. Among them, one that opened a backdoor to a popular smartphone of Apple, the iPhone from 2008. The revealing document presented by “error” refers to a method that requires physical access to the device.


Applebaum refers to controversial implants and “DROPOUT JEEP” project on the iPhone. This would allow the backdoor “implantation” of software which enables them to be recovered and sent to remote files to and from the device. It will also enable the recovery of SMS user’s list of contacts, voice mail, geographical position coordinates of the device, the retransmission of those records,the “hot” microphone and the camera and reveal the position of adjacent to cell phone towers when using the phone. All communication with the implant out subtly and encrypted during transmission or SMS by connecting GPRS, refers to the document in question.


Hackers Reveal The Truth To Save The World

However, in the document of 2008 shows that this implant requires physical access to iPhone, as reported to the distal insertion of the implant in iPhone will become in the future.


The hacker also relates to chip monitoring network cards, routers, computer chassis and elsewhere, in many devices of different manufacturers Americans.


Unanswered remains the question whether the backdoor DROPOUT JEEP in iPhone after 2008 opened with the help of Apple, something the company denies as expected, pointing the responsibility to international agencies that did not even question the existence of the monitoring program iPhone. However, the Applebaum commented that is hard to believe that Apple does not consciously contributed to the creation of backdoors or simply write bad software, “as we all know”.