GTA V’s Streets Have a New Serial Killer with a Big Reward on His Head

GTA V’s Streets Have a New Serial Killer with a Big Reward on His Head

While the online gaming world is ablaze with hot rumors of GTA 6 releasing soon, there’s literally a killer making the rounds in GTA V’s beautiful city of Los Santos. That’s right; there is a serial killer on the run in the GTA V’s online mode storyline as part of the newest holiday additions to the game by Rockstar Games. This is the biggest major online story mode addition to the game ever since the Diamond Casino Heist was added to the game earlier this year by Rockstar Games. The serial killer addition was one of the many gifts and surprises that players and fans of the game will be getting this holiday season in Grand Theft Auto V.

Killer on the Run

The new serial killer who’s been added to the GTA V Online storyline is apparently on the run and is roaming on the land north of the city of Los Santos. What’s more interesting is that there’s even a GTA $250,000 bounty on his head along with the navy revolver that the GTA Online serial killer uses to murder their victims. This whole bounty hunt is full of clues that players will have to search for to solve the whole mystery. Moreover, GTA V online players also play Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Online will also get to unlock a variant revolver in the game for solving the case of the serial killer in GTA V online.

The GTA Online serial killer has created a lot of buzz amongst the residents of Los Santos. Players are all hyped up to catch the killer and get their hands on the new navy revolver that’s very likely to be a limited edition grab. As Rockstar said in its statement, players will have to comb through Blaine County for clues that lead to the mystery serial killer’s location. Another interesting fact here is that when players find the killer, they’ll not only acquire this weapon but will also unlock an accompanying navy revolver challenge. Players will have to score 50 kills using their newly acquired navy revolver in GTA Online in this challenge. Those who successfully finish it will receive an additional reward of $250,000.

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