GTA VI Might Be Console Exclusive: PlayStation and Xbox Gamers are in for a Treat

GTA VI Might Be Console Exclusive: PlayStation and Xbox Gamers are in for a Treat

A new rumor concerning GTA VI is out in the open, and it has created quite a stir in less than 24 hours. The latest reports shed light regarding the previously made speculations and it also features some new leaks and rumors. Out of all the leaks, the most significant leak was that GTA VI might be next-gen console exclusive. It also suggests that Rockstar Games is curating the next-gen GTA VI for PS 5 and Microsoft’s forthcoming Xbox Scarlett.

On the other hand, rumors are suggesting that GTA VI has been in development for the last seven years. Nevertheless, GTA VI didn’t get into considerable production up until early 2015. Rockstar Games has also attached a codename to GTA VI, namely “Project Americas”. Now that Rockstar is done with Red Dead Redemption 2. The developer is pouring all of its resources to release the sixth installment of the most beloved game series in the world, GTA VI.

GTA 6 PlayStation

According to online sources, the report hasn’t yet mentioned anything as to whether PC and Google Stadia would be left out without support. Majority of the GTA fans and enthusiasts are PC gamers as desktop PCs provide better graphics output as compared to the consoles.

GTA VI won’t be released anytime soon

Previous speculations suggested that GTA VI would be released alongside the release of PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Xbox Scarlett. It is not sure as to when GTA VI will get an official release or when Rockstar or Take-Two will announce the release of the game.

GTA VI Release

GTA VI will feature a single protagonist, unlike GTA V, and the character will be a male, not female. This was suggested in the previous leaks. GTA VI won’t feature a modern day setting like the other installments of GTA. Instead, the events in the game would take place either during the transitional periods in human history, the 1970s and the 1980s.

Remember the name: Ricardo

There is a highly likely chance that gamers might be introduced to the new protagonist named Ricardo. A character named “Kacey” might also play a significant role in the sixth installment’s narrative.

Ricardo would be a small-time cocaine smuggler in-charge of distributing the drugs around the coastal city of GTA, Vice City. Later as the story progresses, Ricardo will climb up the ladder by befriending many drug lords in South America.

The new reports also suggest that GTA VI would feature a “GIANT” giant that would also play an essential part in the significant narrative of the game.

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