GTA V streamer Summit1g gets into a deadly road rampage: 20 players crashed

GTA V streamer Summit1g gets into a deadly road rampage: 20 players crashed

Popular GTA online player and Twitch live-streamer Jarryd‘summit1g’Lazar met a surprising accident on a Twitch Live-stream recently. It’s no secret that summit1g’s driving skills in the game have always been a matter of an internal joke among his fans, but this time it wasn’t his driving that got him crashing; nobody could literally ‘see’ what hit him.

The case of the Invisible Car

Summit1g was cruising at high speeds on a highway in La Fuente Blanca’s vicinity during a live-stream when he met a deadly collision with an invisible car, which soon turned into a disaster roping in around 20 other cars. Although the streamer was driving at considerably high speeds, yet it was not at all his fault that he hit the invisible car, and went crashing out through his windshield on the highway.

Busted or Wasted

Although the streamer was not at fault in any way, you know the rules are different in the GTA world. So when the police officers came swarming in a few minutes to investigate the huge accidental mishap that involved many players getting crashed or run over, they found summit1g guilty. The streamer was reported to be driving at a speed of 116 mph when he hit the invisible car and died. However, he re-spawned and began to repair the damages on his car, not knowing the full scale of the mishap that had occurred.

GTA V streamer Summit1g

Apparently, the traffic from behind was unaware of the crash, and players kept driving right through the accident site, eventually wiping summit1g’s character Charles Johnson off the road. The whole rampage turned pretty hysterical as a police officer got roped in too when he was crushed by another incoming driver.

Summit1g said that it was a ghost car chat that had hit him and that it was the first time this had happened to him, as he lay on the road injured. Soon a cop got him in a car and drove him to the hospital. Once they got to the hospital, the streamer was patched up and allowed to continue his broadcast.

Invisible cars?

The whole invisible car thing seems to be a glitch in the GTA RP servers, but there’s no such issue with GTA Online servers.

Although the whole scene was hysterical and left viewers in splits, it is yet another example of how deadly glitches in GTA V can be. Summit’s character Charles Johnson is one of the most notorious criminals on the NoPixel server, and usually, when he interacts with cops it’s part of some investigation on a major crime, but we have to admit, this whole incident was unprecedentedly funny! Stay tuned for more!



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