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GTA Online’s Rarest Car is back: Here’s how you can get it

The infamous Vapid Lost Slamvan is one car that GTA Online players have been obsessed with for a long time. What makes this car special is not its performance or its design, but its exclusivity. The car is literally the rarest car in the GTA online universe because the only way you can get it is by winning it. There are a couple of missions in the game in which you get to ride the car, but you don’t get to keep it once the mission is over.

The hype around Lost Slamvan

For some time now, fans found their way through some loopholes in the game to get the car, but Rockstar’s developers ensured that the car remained out of players’ reach. In fact, the hype around the car was so high that if you tried to park and save it in a garage, that would delete the car from your inventory forever. The Lost Slamvan is a modified version of the normal Slamvan which you can purchase in the game. However, The Lost has got better tail lights, license plates, and some sick graphic decals. Although the car is excruciatingly beautiful, it’s a menace on the streets – that entire horsepower under the hood keeps it sliding all over the road and makes it hard to drive.

How to get the Lost Slamvan

With the latest addition to the GTA online DLC – Diamond Casino, there is finally a way to get the car. Apparently there’s a Lucky Wheel game in the Diamond Casino which every player can spin only one time per day for a prize, free of charge. One of the 20 prizes in the game is a “mystery prize.” If the wheel lands on mystery prize, you could win anything from T-shirts to cars. However, the chances that you’d win a vehicle in the mystery prize are only 14%. And even then, which car you win is yet to be decided from the long list of vehicles that GTA pulls from the Mystery Prize vehicles catalogue. Therefore, the chances of a player winning a Lost Slamvan are as low as 0.005% – which means 1 in 20,000. And that’s what makes the Lost Slamvan the rarest car in GTA online Universe.

Ever since the news made its way online, GTA online fans have gone into a frenzy trying their luck at getting the coveted car. Even though the car has been out of reach for 4 years, fans still seem to be excited about it – especially those who had it once but lost it to Rockstar. Los Santos’ citizens are reportedly trying their luck at the Lucky Wheel every day, hoping to get the car of their dreams. Did you try your luck at the wheel yet? Head to Diamond Casino now! Stay tuned for more.

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