GTA Online Update – King of the Hill Mode and Ocelot Jugular Added

GTA Online received a new update recently which has added a new King of the Hill mode and a new sports car named Ocelot Jugular. Along with these inclusions, Rockstar has announced some offers for players participating in the King of the Hill mode, as well as Client Jobs and Special Cargo Missions.

King of the Hill Mode

The King of the Hill mode can be played in groups of 16 players each, where players are separated into 2 to 4 groups. The aim of the game mode is to fight and become the monarch across all seven maps that are included.

You can start the King of the Hill mode in GTA online using one of the following four ways. You can go through quick job listings on your mobile phone where you can find the King of the Hill mode, you can also look for this job in the online menu under Rockstar created jobs. Players can also open it through the Featured Series option that is available on their loading screen and menu.

According to Rockstar Games, you can play the King of the Hill mode by getting hold of a weapon or higher ground and proclaiming your supremacy to the other players. There are seven maps that are included in this mode, all of them span the entire San Andreas.

As an incentive for people to participate in the King of the Hill mode, Rockstar Games has announced that all players who play the King of the Hill mode will receive two times the GTA$ as well as RP points. This offer will be valid until October 16th.

GTA King of the Hill

Other Rewards

The double GTA$ and RP points offer are not only valid for players playing the King of the Hill mode but also Client Jobs. To access this offer, you must use the console on the Terrorbyte truck to know if Ms. Harris has any missions to offer.

Apart from the Client Jobs mission, players completing the Special Cargo mission will also get double GTA$ this week. To make newcomers welcome, Rockstar Games has offered a 40% discount on the Benefactor Terrorbyte expedition truck and Special Cargo warehouses which are required for Client Jobs and Special Cargo missions.

Ocelot Jugular

The Ocelot Jugular is a sports car that is added to GTA Online in the latest update. It comes with a stock spoiler and has accurate handling. Rockstar compares its accuracy with the precision of a surgeon. The car has an impressive impact force and good acceleration.

The Ocelot Jugular can be purchased in GTA Online through the legendary motorsport in-game shop. You can also upgrade the car in Los Santos customs after buying it.

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