GTA Online – Rockstar Introduces F1 Cars Making the Game Doubly Exciting for the Fans

GTA Online – Rockstar Introduces F1 Cars Making the Game Doubly Exciting for the Fans

Formula F1 racing is a sport that attracts a huge fan base across the world. F1 teams like Ferrari, Mercedes, and Red Bull enjoy cult status among the sport’s followers. When video game players get to drive and do stunts with the F1 cars it takes their interest and involvement to another level. This is what Rockstar has done by adding F1 cars in the GTA Online lineup and the fans could go berserk trying to do all kinds of stunts with these flying beauties. To own the F1 cars, you have to use your in-game cash to buy them.

Limited Window to win an F1 Car at the Casino

The F1 cars came into GTA Online via the Diamond Casino & Resort where you could win a car through your gambling skills or luck or both. The developer is, however, limiting this feature and a new Open Wheels series update is being rolled out in the game. This will mean the option to win the F1 car at the casino will not be available. Instead, there will be the option to purchase an F1 car from your in-game cash. There is the Legendary Motorsport company in the game that will sell you these beasts.

Doing Stunts with the F1 Cars is the Real Thrill

What impresses the ardent GTA Online fan is that the game’s controls will allow them to use the controller to lift the car off the ground and do stunts in the air including going upside down a la MIB style. There is a scene in the Men in Black movie where Tommy Lee Jones drives a car upside down in a tunnel. You could do that with the new F1 cars in GTA Online if you manage to purchase the car.

Stunt Courses Available

There’s the Grand Theft Auto Online mission feature in the GTA Online game which permits gamers to make their own videos and upload them. These help other players to learn and start performing those stunts. While there are such short videos present already, the new F1 cars will add to the stunt course videos and simply lift the frenzy and excitement among the fans.

The downside of all this is that with such a high level of interest and participation in the present version of GTA Online and GTA 5, the developers and the owners of the franchise will be tempted to go easy on releasing the successor version, GTA 6. It’s always a toss-up.



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