GTA Online refines ‘Passive mode’ and ‘Go Ghosted’ modes; fans rejoice

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Online opened the gates of The Diamond Casino & Resort to gamers on Tuesday. The lavish casino and luxurious penthouses have had fans hooked to their screens since the update’s launch. But the icing on the cake is the update that Rockstar Games has made to two of its most problematic modes – Passive mode and the Go Ghosted mode.

Passive mode – a major pain point in the game

Gamers have been on cloud nine since the launch of the latest update to GTA Online – The Diamond Casino & Resort. It was almost as if they had forgotten about the most mishandled of modes in the game – the Passive and the Go Ghosted modes. The modes have carried negative reviews for years surrounding trolls who often misuse them to their advantage.

Such players would often resort to the passive mode, making it impossible to kill and be killed by others. Although misused, the mode actually serves a purpose in the game. It lets gamers cruise through crucial moments without any interruptions. But fans could not overlook being troubled by such trolls who would opt for the mode and opt out of it as per their convenience to kill players. This would catch players off guard and ultimately ruin the gaming experience.

GTA Ghost Mode

The other problematic feature about the passive mode is its usage in weaponized vehicles. Players could take to passive modes while in weaponized vehicles, drive it to a place, get out of the mode and kill people and turn back on the mode to prevent getting killed.

Go Ghosted mode – an alternative to the Passive mode

The Go Ghosted mode has also long been a source of distress to the GTA universe. The mode allows players to make themselves temporarily unavailable to those who kill them without a reason.

Tweaks to the modes

Rockstar Games has finally come to the players’ aid and fixed these major pain points in GTA. In their new update, Rockstar has reportedly inactivated the Passive mode when players are in weaponized vehicles. They have also come up with other rules that effectively discourage trolls who ruin the game. Alterations to the Go Ghosted mode have also been extremely welcoming. A cap of two deaths instead of three is now the norm for players to be able to ghost each other.

With these issues fixed, fans can now enjoy an uninterrupted gaming experience.

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