GTA Online – Penthouse extravaganza and how to decorate it

Once you are done playing a game of poker or blackjack, you will want to head to the next big feature in the latest GTA Online’s Diamond Casino & Resort – the penthouse! Wondering how to own a penthouse and decorate it to suit your classy virtual image? We have the answers for you.

How to get your hands on the penthouse?

Purchasing a penthouse will bump you up to the VIP status in the game, and here’s how you can buy one. If you are a Twitch Prime member, you can just link your social club account to avail discounts of $1,500,000 on the purchase of any type of configuration of the penthouse. This will practically get you the basic Crash Pad configuration for free. The non-Twitch Prime members can opt for one of two options – go to the Diamond Casino & Resort website or look out for the pop-up when you chat with the Guest Services at the Casino. Your private penthouse will cost you anywhere between $1.5 and $6.5 million dollars, the High Roller configuration being the costliest of all. The Party penthouse configuration will cost you $3,776,500, while you can design your own penthouse for $1,500,000.

GTA Casino Penthouse

Eight lush features to up the glamour

To add more glamour, you can expand your property by adding eight structures of comfort to it. The comfort additions are –

Private Dealer

The Private Dealer is the costliest of all additions at a whopping $1,065,000. Play table games at your penthouse without having to go to the Casino. Collect 54 GTA Online playing cards to access the special card set. Navigate to the Interaction Menu to get to the Penthouse Management and then to Private Table to be able to switch from Blackjack to Three Card Poker or vice versa.


To add a garage, you will need to shell out $900,000. It can accommodate around ten vehicles. The Casino is already equipped with a valet who can be used to fetch your vehicles from the garage.

Bar and Party Hub

This facility will cost you $700,000. It will allow you to throw a party at your penthouse while playing Arcade games like Invade and Persuade 2 and Street Crimes: Gang Wars Edition. Invite a minimum of one person to play it.


The private Spa is a $600,000 spend. A stylist will be at your beck and call at all times at the Spa.

GTA Online Penthouse

Media Room

This $500,000 Media Room will have you watching your favorite shows on the big screen. Once you are done, play a game of Don’t Cross The Line with the company of at least one friend.

Lounge Area

The lounge area is the starting point for your consecutive purchases of Media Room, Spa, Bar and Party Hub, Private Dealer and Office. Buy the facility at $400,000 and relish an incredible dining experience.

GTA Online Casino Penthouse


The Office is the cheapest of all expansions at $200,000. It is equipped with a computer enabled with an internet connection. It presents you with a concealed safe for your luxury items and a locker for a gun. In order to make use of any of these features, navigate to the wall opposite to the computer and follow the pop-ups that appear on it.

GTA Penthouse

Extra Bedroom

The guest bedroom is also priced at the same amount as the office at $200,000 and can accommodate your guests and visitors. Even better – they can also choose from a customized wardrobe already present in the guest bedroom.

GTA Penthouse

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