GTA Online: New Cheating Policy Enforced by Rockstar Games

GTA Online: New Cheating Policy Enforced by Rockstar Games

Cheating is a part of gaming and can be polarizing. Some people don’t mind cheating, but others see it as an unfair advantage that must be curbed. Rockstar Games, which is one of the biggest video game production houses, has been in a clash with people looking to exploit bugs and cheaters in the ever-popular GTA 5’s multiplayer version – GTA Online.

Console gaming platforms like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are almost free of GTA Online cheaters. However, the same cannot be said for the PC version of GTA Online since it is more prone to hackers and cheaters trying to get an unfair advantage. Due to this reason, Rockstar Games has updated the cheating policy for the GTA Online game on PC.

Rockstar Games’ New Cheating Policy for GTA Online

The new cheating policy comes right before the PC release of Red Dead Redemption 2, which comes with an online multiplayer version similar to GTA Online. Red Dead Redemption 2 has been available for quite some time on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox One platforms but due to the issues with cheating on PC, Rockstar Games updated the cheating policy for both the multiplayer titles.

To explain the rules and consequences of cheating on GTA Online, Rockstar Games posted a series of support articles, which contain information about what constitutes cheating. They also highlight the criteria that will cause your account to face a temporary suspension or a permanent ban. These criteria will be used by the platform to handle cheating. So, everyone must be aware of the rules and consequences before playing GTA Online.

Actions that Constitute Cheating in GTA Online

According to the support articles released by Rockstar Games, the list of actions that constitute cheating in GTA Online are: –

  1. Using mods (modifications) while playing GTA Online
  2. Taking advantage of bugs and abusing the mechanics
  3. Being a part of money lobbies
  4. Boosting accounts
  5. Using account recovery services
  6. Spreading methods regarding hacks and glitches
  7. Promoting mods for GTA Online
  8. Interfering with game data and code
  9. Interfering with other players’ gameplay experience


Punishment Tiers in GTA Online

If you are found cheating on GTA Online, you will face one of the three punishment tiers based on the severity of your actions.

The first tier is account correction. This will happen if you pick up cash that is generated by other players by means of hacks or mods or you yourself use any money hacks. Your GTA Online account will be restored to the state before the cheats were used. This will restore the cash balance and any properties you own to the previous state.

The second punishment tier is account suspension, which occurs when you are actively disrupting the GTA Online gameplay using cheats or mods. If your account is suspended, you won’t be able to log in to GTA Online using that account till the suspension period ends. After the suspension period ends all levels, money, unlocks and properties of your account will get reset. It will be like using a new account.

The final punishment tier is a permanent ban. If you get a permanent ban, you will be permanently barred from using GTA Online using that account. This ban is permanent, unlike the second punishment tier that is temporary.



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