GTA Online celebrates biggest player-base in six years

GTA New Online Casino

Rockstar Game’s Grand Theft Auto (GTA) recently opened the gates to its newest update – The Diamond Casino & Resort. It was the biggest update for the fifth edition of GTA and true to its grandeur, it has managed to amass the biggest gamer-base in one day – July 23 and for a whole week after – between July 23 and 29.

Back-to-back chart-topping player-base numbers

July 23 and the week after were a record-breaking couple of days for GTA V. The six-year-old online game has continued to break records surrounding gamer-base every year since its launch. In an exclusive disclosure to The Hollywood Reporter, Rockstar Games gave away that GTA V has made an impressive sale of 110 million copies around the globe. It further went on to say that GTA Online showcased a celebrated gamer-base figure of over 33 million in the year 2014.

The Diamond Casino & Resort update had fans completely hooked to their systems as the update offered online gambling and a series of new interesting missions to accomplish. The multi-player game makes money off players paying real money to gamble and buy penthouses to upgrade to VIP membership. It is a true money-spinning machine for Rockstar Games and is proving to be a true entertainer to its loyal fan base.

GTA Online

The gaming company even paid heed to fans’ requests and finally fixed the Passive and the Go-Ghosted modes recently. If not for the stringent gambling laws in several countries, the gamer-base figure would skyrocket to even bigger numbers. Players from over fifty countries could not enjoy the access to the newest update owing to strict local gambling laws.

Lack of actual figures compensated by insider’s claim

As Rockstar Games refused to give actual numbers, we will have to pacify ourselves with the claims made by Former Rockstar Games’ informant and Twitterati Yan2295. The Twitterati tweeted out his speculation that GTA online saw over a million players online on the day of the launch of The Diamond Casino & Resort. Although the figure sounds believable, Rockstar Games alone can tell us if the actual figure shows a bigger number than what is being claimed.

Fans have long wanted a single-player DLC in GTA V. The parent company in 2017 commented that though they did not find a need for a single-player expansion, they would not rule out the possibility of one in the future.

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