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GTA Fans to Go on a Non-Stop Driving Marathon Until the Launch of GTA 6

Ever since the launch of GTA 5 way back in 2013, fans have been eagerly awaiting a sequel. With various rumors of GTA 6 doing the rounds, the excitement has only increased. A GTA fan, along with some others, has embarked on a driving spree. The marathon is right now taking place in and areas surrounding San Andreas.

The claim by the team is that they will not stop driving until they know that GTA 6 has hit the shelves. This makes it appear as if the driving is going to happen for a long time, as there is no confirmation on the release date, at least for now. The drive is definitely bound to break the earlier endurance records achieved by the Desert Bus of Hope team and several others last year.

Auto-Driving Feature Likely in GTA 6?

The driving marathon has set people wondering whether there the GTA 6 would come with an auto-driving bot. The fact that GTA 5 did have such tools only adds more reason to have this doubt. Interestingly, the route map chosen for the drive is the same as that featured in the last released GTA game.

Money Not a Problem

A YouTuber has released a video showing the drive-in progress. In a chat rollup regarding the drive, the person uses the term “we” that indicates he/she could be a part of the drive. There is also a mention that the marathon has completed around 870 laps surrounding the huge San Andreas map. The video has met with both appreciation and criticism from its viewers.

The drive participants are not facing any money constraint that might hamper their mission. They are receiving donations to help them continue with what they want to do. The above-mentioned video highlights the names of those who have funded more than 10 Euros.

The YouTuber has also added a “Top Donators of all time” list at the end of the description that also asks viewers for their support through donations so that they can keep the video running. The channel also offers various platforms for interested donors to make their contributions.

Rockstar has not made any comments regarding the release date of GTA 6. However, there is more than one factor that makes fans believe that it is slated for 2020. One reason is that it is already six years since the last GTA game was launched. Another aspect is that new consoles are being launched next year. So, the expectation is that the game will feature in one of these upcoming next-gen devices.

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