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GTA Diamond Casino & Resort now open; Cheap membership fee gets players hooked

Rockstar Games finally opened the doors to The Diamond casino & Resort yesterday on July-23. The fandom couldn’t have asked for anything better as the Diamond casino is truly studded with extraordinary features. The empty and dingy structure that we once passed by has now transformed into a swanky building bursting with gamblers, an array of table games and much more. The update takes the player on a short trip of the casino post which they are on their own.

The casino has a number of table games. The players can hit the slot machines with each machine themed after a different GTA-TV show or a movie, accompanied by loud music and players cheering and cussing. Players do not have to worry about the cussing escalating into violence as the casino rules do not entertain fights and weapons while on the premises. Apart from the slot machines, players can also try their hands at a game of poker or blackjack.

GTA Online Casino

Touted as one of the largest and most exciting updates that GTA has let out, this update doesn’t require players to shell out heaps of money to purchase a casino just to get the other players on board. The casino already brims with other players walking and gambling around which keeps you in sync with the GTA Online universe outside. All it takes is a $500 membership that buys you chips to start gambling, horse betting or purchasing stuff from the casino. There is a cap on-chip purchase of up to 50,000 at a time, after which the game places you on hold before you can buy more. Even if you are not in the mood to spend your in-game money buying chips, the update cashes in 1000 free chips every day to your account.

An upgrade to a VIP membership comes at a huge price. You will need to buy a penthouse for the upgrade, with just a basic one costing you around $1,000,000 and a luxury stay charging you anywhere between two and three million dollars. Twitch Prime members – you have lucked out as you can buy it for free if you link your social club account. The VIP upgrade will unlock new features, games, and even new plot missions that involve the player teaming up with the casino proprietors against a Texan who is looking to take over the casino.

Unlike the earlier updates that involved players killing people and roaming around collecting things, the Online update has truly managed to change the way the game works. A player took to Reddit to post his winnings of $2.5 million. Players have the opportunity to win a lot of cash playing the slot machines in the update. This has the potential to change the course of the game where players could detach themselves from missions to mint money instead.

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