GTA 6 Will Have a Female Lead as its Primary Character, Stream on Mobile Devices

Rockstar and Take-Two are witnessing massive success with Red Dead Redemption 2. The open world cowboy game has won the hearts of gamers and critics alike. Even though GTA 5 was originally released nearly six years ago in 2013 on PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles, it still continues to have a massive fan following. GTA 6 is coming, possibly in the next two to three years by 2021 or 2022.

The publisher and developer are adept at milking out their franchises because of their open world nature. Players love to spend hours in the single-player campaign before they move onto the multiplayer elements. GTA 5 was a massive success in this regard as the game managed to get released on two generations of consoles after which the 4K version made its way to the PCs.

A similar trend may work out for GTA 6 as well as the publishers are looking forward to releasing it on both the Xbox One X and the PlayStation 4 Pro console. These consoles are more powerful than their counterparts and it would increase sales especially two years later when they are far more affordable for the general crowd. However, it is not possible to bring such futuristic graphics to the Xbox One S or the PS4 because of their limited hardware specifications.

GTA 6 Will Focus on a Female Lead

After having had male protagonists for many years, Rockstar is aiming to bring a female lead as the main character in GTA 6. The concept will be similar to how Grand Theft Auto 5 worked with multiple lead characters and going by the rumors, there will be at least one female lead and two male leads to move the story forward.

In terms of graphics, it is going to be definitely years ahead considering how powerful PS5 and the new Xbox could be. However, launching it on all platforms at the same time may or may not happen as the marketing strategy the company plans to follow remains a mystery at this point.

Mobile Integration and Streaming Gameplay

The term ‘mobile’ is expected to change big time by 2020 when smartphones will be smarter with foldable displays and better adoption of virtual reality in the mainstream market. While GTA 6 will not aim to be a mobile game due to lack of hardware power, it will have better mobile integration to bring multiple people onboard at the same time.

Cloud gaming is considered the future by Microsoft and it wouldn’t be surprising if you can seamlessly stream GTA 6 to your mobile phones and tablets without having to actually run it on the device. Besides, it will also help people participate in the actual PlayStation, Xbox version of the game through a mobile app. The PC version of GTA 6 is not being discussed at this point but it will most probably get launched at a later time as they did with the last game in the series.

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