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GTA 6 – Tax Returns Hint at Early Release; May Coincide with PS5 and Xbox Series X Launch

The gaming community has been clamoring for the release of the next iteration of the Grand Theft Auto or GTA series for a long time. The game’s developer, Rockstar had not given any firm indication when the GTA 6 will be released for play. The company’s UK franchise Rockstar North has claimed certain tax concessions in that country showing the development of GTA 6 with British content in it. This has given away the tip that the game is under development and could be released soon.

The Wait May Not be Longer

There has been another development, which confirms that Rockstar may not make the gamers wait for long to play the GTA 6. This is through a source from within the company, which said that the publishers of the studio are insisting that the game developers must reduce the time interval between the release of games. Traditionally, game developers extract the maximum from each of the versions before releasing the next version. When GTA 5 is still selling in sufficient numbers, the company wants to wait before releasing GTA 6. It may keep releasing updates to the present version. The moment GTA 6 is out for purchase and play, the sale of GTA 5 will virtually taper off.

May Match the Launch Dates of Hardware

The most popular gaming consoles, Play Station 5 and Xbox Series X are due for release later this year. Rockstar North may use that occasion to bring out its GTA 6 so that the gamers can have the best experience with the hardware and software. The new game can be bundled with these gadgets to exploit the interest in the market and push up the sales of the game. Once they have the gamers hooked on to the new game, updates will keep their interest alive.

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