GTA 6 – Rumors of a 2020 Release Get Even Stronger

GTA 6 – Rumors of a 2020 Release Get Even Stronger

Not a day passes without your hearing something or the other about the impending release of the popular video game Grand Theft Auto’s Sixth edition. GTA 5 is being played currently. The latest piece of information to have given fodder to this rumor is an advertisement released by the developer’s UK unit, Rockstar North. The advertisement is for a ‘Technical Build Engineer’. Though there is no mention of the GTA 6 game title in the ad or the job description, some words may give a hint.

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Build Engineer Must Ensure Strong Builds on Release

The words used in the ad are ‘large-scale projects’ and ‘builds should be stable on release’. The observers are ready to argue that as in the case of GTA 5 and other previous franchises, Rockstar North will have a huge role to play in the development of the successor version as well. There are some who bet the game’s background itself could be set in London in GTA 6. The fact that work on this game was started in 2020 and the developer is now searching for a technical hand to manage the release are proofs enough to confirm that GTA 6 is ready and that the company will start testing it for a possible release.

Other Factors Being Cited

Those within the gaming community who are convinced that Rockstar will definitely release GTA 6 in 2020 are constantly searching for some hints. One such source says with the exit of Dan Houser from the everyday activity at Rockstar. This has caused some apprehensions to be raised and the developer might wish to steer clear of any doubts by making a splash with the GTA 6 release. There’s another set of people that feels the owners of the franchise, Take-Two Interactive, have expressed their desire to see the gaps between the games being brought down. This will apply to Red Dead Redemption too. GTA 5 was released in 2013. Therefore, 2020 would be the ideal year to launch the successor.

The other factor that gives a lot of credence to such rumors is that the two major players in the gaming hardware space, Sony and Microsoft have plans of releasing their new consoles this year. The suggestion is that Rockstar would want the gamers to play GTA 6 as one of the first games in the new PlayStation 5 console. A strong franchise like GTA will give a massive boost to Sony also in pushing the sale of the console.

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