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GTA 6: Rumors Fly Thick and Fast but No Clarity Yet on Release Date

The mystery is still surrounding the exact plan the developer of Grand Theft Auto has, on releasing the sequel, GTA 6. There is a lot of expectation among those who play the game that after 7 years of the release of GTA 5, Rockstar will come out with the next version this year. One set of speculators are willing to bet that the release of GTA 6 will be done at the event where Sony will be announcing its PlayStation 5. On the other hand, there are news reports being put out particularly by Take-Two Interactive, the game’s distributor, on how the GTA 5 is still one of the highest downloaded games.

Vice City Theme Leaks Add to the Rumors

One of the designers associated with the game’s development at Rockstar had uploaded some posts on Instagram giving hints of how it will all look in the Vice City. Strangely, the post has since been removed from Instagram. Game developers usually don’t want to reveal much when a game is in the development stages. When the time for the release comes, they send out teasers to generate more interest among the gaming community. These are regular marketing practices. There is no way you can come to any conclusion that GTA 6 is ready for release or start guessing the date of its launch.


You cannot hold the fans alone responsible for the hype created over the release of the sequel to GTA 5. It was the developer that had released the merchandise which had Columbian and Jamaican flags. There were many speculative details written at that time focusing on the theme that the GTA 6 gameplay will be built around, how the game may add a drug angle to the story and so on. It has therefore reached a point where a small spark ignites a huge debate on the launch date for GTA 6, only to be smothered later.

That brings this new development of Sony having paid a huge sum to acquire exclusive rights for GTA 6 and there will be a joint launch of both the PlayStation 5 and GTA 6. As you would do with most such rumors, you may choose to take this too with a pinch or even a fistful of salt. Such is the interest among the gamers that every bit of speculation is gobbled up. Nothing, however, becomes official till Rockstar comes out with an announcement.

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