GTA 6: Rockstar Likely to Release it in 2021

GTA 6: Rockstar Likely to Release it in 2021

GTA 6: Whenever GTA 6 is discussed, Red Dead Redemption 2 is invariably tagged along. The reason for this is that the developer for both the games is the same, Rockstar. And when gaming enthusiasts and those closely observing the industry make certain predictions, they sound true and credible. If one goes by the kind of hype over the release of Red Dead Redemption 2, you can be certain that Rockstar will be busy with that game for the next several months. Based on the practice the company has followed in the past, it is safe to say that the announcement for GTA 6 will be made somewhere in 2020 and the actual game released for players in 2021. But the flow of rumors and speculative stories never stop appearing.

Will the USA Figure GTA 6?

As mentioned, there are endless rumors going around concerning the game, the theme the next version will come with and the geography to be covered and so on. A piece of information that the name under which the development team in Rockstar is working on GTA 6 is called Project Americas. This gives the rumor mill enough fodder to build on the story and many times they manage to cull out some tidbits from some of the developers working on the project. Rockstar will quickly deny any such information. Being a highly secretive setup that is run at this developer, it will be near impossible to confirm many of these rumors.

If it is indeed the Americas, then one can expect many cities in the US plus South America to figure in GTA 6. With very little change expected in the main gameplay and theme, what better setting for crimes like drug-running or even other activities than to have the characters moving between the US and countries like Mexico and Columbia? Maybe there will be more countries from the South American continent to add spice to the game. Players will have fun involving themselves in the third-party shooting spree just to get the thrill out of it.

New Characters Could Surface

Game developers make it a point to bring in additional characters within the game to retain the interest among the players of the game. Every game has this feature and one which is eagerly awaited by the fans of the game. It brings them a new perspective to the game and the fun quotient increases manifold. In the case of the GTA 6, the expectation is that Rockstar could add a female protagonist. Though there is no confirmation on this from Rockstar, one may not be surprised if they do this in the present version GTA 5 itself. But, again, there is really no bar on making these wild guesses.

‘The Know’ YouTube Rumors Have Added Fuel to Fire

Even as the regular sources online keep posting what they have heard through whispers about a game, sometimes one major occurrence can become the talk of the town. ‘The Know’ is a YouTube channel and it has carried a video on what it feels could be predicted for the GTA 6 and it has covered several areas about the game’s features and changes expected. While the general refrain is to take these videos with a large grain of salt, some of their rumors turn out to be true later. But they did get the news on the release of GTA 6 wrong. That was based on a hoax played by some sadistic individual and there is no dearth of them.

There is the mention of Vice City which might be the base from where most activities will start and the characters are likely to be making trips to South America. Vice City itself is described as being fashioned on South Florida or Miami. If these come true then the players of GTA 6 from the US will be much more entertained since the places etc. will be familiar to them and will add to their interest and involvement. Some of the other settings within the game could be familiar to the US audience of TV shows or Hollywood flicks like Narcos. One has to keep adding that there is absolutely no confirmation from Rockstar on any of these.

Snippets from Some Official Sources

You will not be able to dismiss many suggestions and predictions about GTA 6, features to be included/added to the game etc. because some officials of Rockstar share a few thoughts with the media personnel whenever there is an interaction. There are comments attributed, for example, to none other than Leslie Benzies, the President of Rockstar. And it is not a recent one, but he has shared some ideas that their team is working on. After all, the whole project is work-in-progress and many silly ideas can be discussed but later discarded.

It is arising out of such broad hints that there is this rumor that says the map in GTA 6 which is an important component in the gameplay, is expected to be larger in size than the previous versions. One knows the US has a large area and if you wish to show from West to East, you do need a large canvas. The suggestion is GTA 6 may feature a quicker journey process to cut down on the time taken. One more idea is that the theme and background may be of the 70’s. If this is indeed the plan, then you may get to see some of the fancy costumes and fashion relating to that period. There is another rumor doing the rounds that London and not Vice City could be the nerve-center of the GTA 6 gameplay.


In summary, a very popular game like Grand Theft Auto, which has enjoyed a fan following for many years successively, is bound to be discussed extensively in different forums. Those who have been playing the game regularly get swamped by a lot of information about the game’s future, when the GTA 6 will be released and what will be its highlights, etc. There’s no way any of these can be confirmed until the developer Rockstar comes out with a clear statement confirming or denying these rumors.

But it can be safely said as of today that GTA 6 will be announced in 2020 and released for play in 2021. If there is any plan to bring the release date forward, you can be sure to read it here first.

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