GTA 6 Release Date News – This Major Character may be Returning in Next Grand Theft Auto

GTA 6’s release date has been one of the most anticipated news in the gaming world for the last few years, and with the recent developments this year, it has gained a lot more heat. Now some new information has come to light along with the possible hints of a major Grand Theft Auto character making a comeback in the upcoming GTA game.

In recent developments, Rockstar Games has been spotted laying the groundwork for the launch of the next Grand Theft Auto game across various platforms. Yet, in spite of the major hype that this news has gained in the gaming community, Rockstar Games hasn’t confirmed any of it hitherto. In any case, fans are eagerly speculating that it will indeed be GTA 6, especially after all the words that got out about the game from so many sources this year.

GTA 6 Rumors

Earlier this year, big claims were made regarding GTA 6 as it would run only on next-gen gaming consoles, it would be set in Vice City and take place in the 70s, it would have multiple storylines, etc. Some sources have also claimed that Grand Theft Auto VI will run on all three locations featured in the PS2 games – Vice City, Liberty City, and San Andreas. And now, the rumors of an old character making a comeback support the argument of it being set in San Andreas.

CJ could be coming back

Earlier this year, a video of GTA V voiceover artists talking came online, in which they were talking about GTA 6. Steven Ogg, who voiced Trevor in Grand Theft Auto V and has played major characters in shows like Westworld and Walking Dead, was seen teasing the audience saying that GTA 6 will be out “soon.”

The video, posted by Youtuber Gigamaster, was from a panel discussion held at the Brazil game Show. Soon, Shawn Fonteno, who voiced Franklin in GTA 5, teased the return of fans’ favorite GTA San Andreas character CJ in GTA 6. Interestingly enough, Maylay, the artist who voiced CJ in Grand Theft Auto – San Andreas is cousins with Fonteno. Fonteno revealed that the two of them will have something coming up, and they might be bringing back CJ, but he couldn’t confirm anything yet.

In other news, Sony is being rumored to have paid lots of money to Rockstar Games to score exclusive rights for GTA 6 being a PS5 launch title, so fans can expect to see the first glimpse of GTA 6 alongside PS5’s launch in February 2020.

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