GTA 6 Release Date News: Rockstar Games Gears up for PlayStation and Xbox Launch

GTA 6 Release Date News: Rockstar Games Gears up for PlayStation and Xbox Launch

GTA 6 release date seems to be closing in now that Rockstar Games are apparently gearing up for the launch of a new Grand Theft Auto version on PlayStation and Xbox in the upcoming months.

The moment has come. After years and years of waiting, there’s seems to be a major word on one of the world’s most highly anticipated game’s release date. In recent developments, Rockstar Games has shown signs that point towards the groundwork being laid across platforms for the launch of the next Grand Theft Auto game. However, despite the major waves that this news is making globally across the gaming world, Rockstar Games still hasn’t actually confirmed that the next Grand Theft Auto game is GTA 6.

It’s really difficult for fans to not speculate that it will indeed be GTA 6, especially after all that we’ve heard about the game this year. From specs to characters and multiple storylines, so much of information related to the game has gotten out this year, although Rockstar hasn’t confirmed or denied any of it.

What we know so far?

Throughout 2019, so many big ‘reveals’ have made their way about the GTA 6 game in 2019, including the major news that the game is rumored to be returning the series back to Vice City set in the 70s and 80s. Around September this year, word got out on the internet that the game will be a PS5 launch exclusive, and that would be made available on next-gen consoles only. Meanwhile, some eagle-eyed GTA fans were able to spot some interesting action online that pointed towards Rockstar Games getting ready for a new GTA game.

GTA 6 Rockstar

In a recent post on Reddit that has since gone viral, Rockstar Games has allegedly pre-registered the domain for GTA 6 ahead of the game’s release. The creator of the said Reddit thread has also revealed that the has been registered since 2006, received its latest update in 2018, and is now approaching its expiry date set in next year. The Reddittor had posted the following: “Some info: I looked up info on the domain registry and found out that: Rockstar own, but not was registered by rockstar: 2006-05-12 (12th May 2006) was updated 10th April 2018 expires on 12th May 2020. The GTAVI domain isn’t installed and just shows ads that aren’t in any relation to Rockstar or the service provider.”

It seems that fans will finally get to play their favorite game’s latest edition by next year if the rumors are true. Stay tuned for more updates on GTA VI!

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