GTA 6 Release Date Comes Closer as Rockstar Partners with Ruffian Games

According to a tweet by the Scottish independent game development firm Ruffian Games, they are in search of new hires for their latest job listing. The careers section of their website mentions multiple job positions for developing games for PS4, Xbox One and “future platforms”.

The tweet also mentions that the job posting is for engineers who will work for Ruffian Games to develop “unspecified titles” for Rockstar. We don’t know which games come under “unspecified titles” but we sure hope that GTA 6 is one of them.

About Ruffian Games

Ruffian Games has recently completed high-level projects like bringing a Microsoft game Halo Reach to Master Chief Collection for Xbox One and Windows. The independent game house is also responsible for creating a popular game Crackdown 2.

They have now posted a series of job postings on Twitter as well as on the careers section of their website and some of them contain references to “future platforms” that refer to PS5 and Xbox Scarlett, which are next-gen consoles by Sony and Microsoft respectively.

Ruffian Games has also previously worked with Rockstar on titles like Grand Theft Auto and Manhunt. The series of job postings by Ruffian Games indicates that they are working on a single big project with Rockstar or multiple small projects which may be ports of existing games to new platforms.

Job listings on the careers section of Ruffian Games’ website include Senior Engineer, UI Engineer, Systems Engineer, Gameplay Script Engineer and more. The positions are at their in house game studio in Dundee, Scotland.

GTA 6 Rumors and Expected Release Date

GTA 6 is rumored to be released for PS5 and Xbox Scarlett consoles. According to these talks, the game will be set in the 70s or 80s in Vice City and Rio de Janeiro. Itis speculated that there will be only one playable character instead of three like GTA 5.

However, another round of rumors indicates that there will be two playable characters, one male and another female. The game is said to have more wildlife like RDR2 and some missions are designed accordingly.

Since Rockstar is gearing up production by partnering with other game houses like Ruffian Games, a 2020 release date seems achievable, which coincides with most of the rumors and alleged leaks. The partnership may also be aimed towards other upcoming titles like Bully 2 which was hinted by Rockstar earlier in a casino in GTA Online.

In any case, we will surely see announcements of exciting new titles by Rockstar in 2020. We hope that GTA 6 is one of them as the company hasn’t confirmed the existence of a much anticipated Grand Theft Auto sequel yet.

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