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GTA 6: “Not Until 2021”, Thanks to the Donald Trump Connection

GTA 6: The US President Donald Trump is a strong character and those who like him admire him a lot and those against him almost nurse a hatred for him. But what kind of a connection can a video game developer like Rockstar with successful franchises like Grand Theft Auto have with Trump? Well, it appears there is, since the co-founder of the company and a lead writer in Rockstar, Dan Houser has made a strange comment in an interview he gave some time back that he is not releasing Grand Theft Auto VI during the Presidentship of Donald Trump and he is quite pleased with that thought.

Satire and the GTA Games

The comment made by Houser was on how the current political climate in the United States stands quite vitiated with a largely divided society and a majority of commentators are blaming the President for this situation. An occupant of such a powerful office must be more measured in his tone while speaking on sensitive issues, these people feel. The role-playing games or RPGs try and add a lot of current social themes into their games just to kindle the interest among the young gamers on matters of social and political importance. On a broader canvas, it helps shape up public opinion, in addition to making the young boys and girls stay informed of what’s happening around them. And depending on the political leanings of the writers of these games, some amount of satire might creep in. Dan Houser of Rockstar might be referring to this when he commented that in the present political climate, he and Rockstar may not want to release the next GTA 6 version as long as President Trump is in office.

Indirect Hint at the Date of Release of GTA 6?

But the comment by Houser opens up the other debate on when one can expect Rockstar to come up with GTA 6. If one went by the literal sense of his comment, Trump would complete his term in 2020 and probably Houser is hoping or wishing that he doesn’t get re-elected. Now that the Republicans have lost the House to the Democrats and that too by a substantial margin, how much the GOP will be ready to give him re-nomination is another question one will have to keep in view. By that reckoning, is it again back to the guestimate that GTA 6 will come out only in 2021? From this perspective, it is not wrong to assume this.

From independent sources too, it does appear that Rockstar is yet to get down to working on GTA 6 and if these rumors are true, then too, 2021 seems to be likely year, as it takes that long to come up with the game, run a beta to test for bugs and then release for commercial use.

Meanwhile, GTA 5 Sets a Milestone in Sales

If you were searching for one more reason Rockstar could adduce for not rushing through GTA 6, here is it; GTA 5 has reached the 100 million mark in terms of units shipped. This includes the games sold throughout the world. This is considered “the bestselling video game ever”, according to some sources. With such a humongous record, why would the game’s developer even think of introducing the next iteration?

So just sit back and relax and continue playing GTA 5. GTA 6 will take time.


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