GTA 6 Multiplayer Could Introduce Team Story Campaigns

GTA 6 Xbox

The power of gaming PCs and consoles are about to get quite extreme in the next few years. GTA 6 which is rumored to get launched by 2020 will be running on new Xbox, PS5 and even more powerful graphics cards than the current Nvidia RTX series.

With such potential power to tap into, Rockstar Games, the people behind GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 are working hard to bring an exciting game into life. The world of Grand Theft Auto has always been about violence, heists and gang wars. But players have so far been playing it as single player missions.

In GTA 5, they introduced multiplayer game modes that allowed players to complete missions together. However, the concept of allowing everyone to complete the entire campaign as a group might be introduced in GTA 6.

No More Co-Op, It’s Team Campaign Missions

The character development is one of the best that you would come across in a GTA game and the same happened with RDR2. Players had the opportunity to play as three different heroes in the current title which launched way back in 2013. It was an innovative experience where you finally get to fight from multiple perspectives than have the same character over and over again.

GTA 6 Multiplayer

A big bet is being made on the power of Microsoft Azure and Amazon cloud services to soon enable game streaming as an option. Potentially, players will be able to game on almost any platform and cross-platform play is slowly becoming the norm in titles like Rocket League and Minecraft.

GTA 6 is rumored or at least fans wish that it will introduce team campaign missions that you could complete together. When set in a vast open world, multiple teams can compete for the same objective from a platform of their choice. It is could be a PC, PS5 or Xbox which doesn’t matter because they are all going to get a similar gaming experience.

The big difference between multiplayer campaigns and this one will be able to build up an entire storyline where their decisions would affect the outcome. Besides, you can also team up with friends and do heists which help the story progress further and lead to the ultimate goal. Multiplayer would be even better with vast open world combat, battle royale style games and many more interesting additions. Rockstar is yet to talk about GTA 6 but they will do soon if 2020 is the release date.

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