Grand Theft Auto VI: More on the ‘New Locations’ and Map Expected -GTA 6

Grand Theft Auto VI: While a lot of discussions have been happening on the unprecedented success of GTA 5, especially it’s achieving the milestone of 100 million units in worldwide sales, the discussions immediately turn to the next iteration, the GTA 6 and what to expect and so on. Of course, much of what is in the public domain could be rumors or wishful thinking by over-enthusiastic fans at best; but there are some points brought out through internal leaks or some developer sharing with a friend and then being spread through social media.


Locations and Map in GTA 6

A large part of the information so far shared in the media or on dedicated gaming sites has relied on the disclosure through the game’s developers that the internal reference name or project code assigned to the team working on GTA 6 is ‘Project Americas’. That was enough to get onto describing the different locations and the routes to be taken and how the characters in the game would be travelling between the two Americas, North and South and a lot more. It is now learnt that there will definitely be new and unseen locations introduced in GTA 6 by Rockstar. This will mean there will be new maps included and the gamers can’t wait to know more about these locations and then study the new maps as well. Many of these locations will be from South America, with places like Mexico receiving a lot of attention.


Some Fans Are Bowled Over by RDD 2 and Hoping the Same for GTA 6

What has aroused the high expectations from Rockstar, the developer, is the overwhelming response that the recently released Red Dead Redemption 2 has received. There are experts who are ready to swear that this is one of the best ever games released. The gamers, therefore, want Rockstar to do the same with GTA 6 and bring out a game that beats all other in every aspect. They particularly refer to the way in which GTA 5 had disappointed some gamers due to the way some characters were not fully recognized in the game. But in RDD 2, this has been rectified and that is precisely what the fans want in GTA 6; give complete details on all characters, whether they have an active role in the gameplay or not.

Rockstar may listen to these suggestions and make the GTA 6 game more immersive to play than GTA 5.

There is still no update on the release date of GTA 6.

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