GTA 6 Might Use Some of the Important Features of GTA 5

GTA 6 Might Use Some of the Important Features of GTA 5

There are numerous rumors in circulation about the sixth Installment of Grand Theft Auto series. Given that the official poster is yet to be released, the game is garnering a lot of attention lately. Experts in the gaming industry are suggesting the GTA VI would become one of the crucial games for the next-gen gaming platforms.

The earliest and most credible speculation suggests that GTA 6 is going to stay PlayStation 5 exclusive for a month before it hits Xbox Scarlet. Moreover, the need to step into the next generation of gaming and game developing would decide which platform will get GTA 6 in the first place. Nevertheless, not all the platforms are going to get equal treatment.

What is Rockstar Games’ ultimate plan?

There is a highly likely chance that Rockstar Games would use the fundamental codes of GTA V. Additionally, in the long run, during the developmental stage, they would also implement numerous new codes to curate the next-gen GTA game. Furthermore, there are sheer numbers of similarities that will be common for both GTA VI and GTA V.

GTA V was a completely brilliant video game; it has the perfect story, action sequence, graphics and gameplay which is rarely seen in numerous games. It is natural for Rockstar to opt for the use of significant codes that made Grand Theft Auto a massive success among all the other games.


How did GTA V change the gaming scenario?

One of the most amazing things about GTA VI’s gameplay is that the players can choose between first-person and second-person shooting style. There is a highly likely chance that Rockstar Games is going to use this feature for the future installments, in this case, GTA 6.

GTA V revolves around three very different characters which later in the game unified for a single cause. This makes the narrative of the game extremely intriguing. However, the recent speculation suggests that GTA VI will feature a unique character. Selection of weapons in GTA V is straightforward and precise.

In the case of GTA V, automatic weather changes could lead to a catastrophic scenario in Los Santos. Bad weather could break the boundaries or even the gate. The game was authentic. One of the other features which made GTA V a brilliant game was the driving control. There is a good chance that experienced gamers won’t be able to crash the car throughout the game. Only time will tell how Rockstar Games would curate GTA 6.




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