GTA 6 Might Have Resemblance of a Cutting-Edge MOD


The GTA Online Casino DLC update is creating a lot of buzz all around the world and the internet. However, there is something else that has caught the attention of most of the gamers and experts. Some of the primary online sources noted that they have come across a few lavish and life-like pictures of the Grand Theft Auto.

The most remarkable part of these images is that the gameplay of GTA V has received Nvidia’s cutting-edge Ray Tracing technological advancement. On the other hand, Robin Williams, a YouTuber, popularly known as GTAWiseGuy, came up with the image. The transformation of GTA V that came into being due to Ray Tracing Technology is extraordinary.

The plan to introduce Ray Tracing Technology in GTA V is here

A specific report came into being back in May 2019 that GTA is the significant choice for ray tracing. However, in a few months, the technology finally makes it to GTA V. Pascal Gilcher, one of the most prominent MOD creators of his community has curated the Ray Tracing version of GTA V.

Glicher brought the Ray Tracing GTA V to life after experimenting with ReShade. Moreover, ReShade is a particular ray tracing shader MOD which has the power to enhance the graphic output of a game. After Glicher curated the MOD, one of the supports of Glicher has applied the alpha version of the MOD to GTA V. The results were extremely staggering, in a right way.

Until now, the pictures have got around 60 retweets on Twitter and likes of about 700+. The likes and attention have their roots from the community of Rockstar games. One of the best parts of the entire scenario is that the official community and the account of Rockstar Games has given the green signal to the MOD.

How are people responding to the new MOD?

Several people didn’t approve of the new MOD by saying that the forthcoming PlayStation 5 seems like a joke. At the same time, some people also asked how Glicher managed to change the entirety of GTA V’s graphics.

Glicher also broke his silence regarding the MOD and said that he managed to pull it off due to ray tracing shader. In addition to this, Glicher also said that whoever wishes to get their hands-on installing the MOD, he’d help them completely.

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