GTA 6 Latest Leaks – Different Objectives and A New Scenario

GTA 6 Latest Leaks – Different Objectives and A New Scenario

If we were to ask gamers from around the world which is their favorite game, Grand Theft Auto 6 will definitely be on the top of their list. It’s no secret that the franchise has become more and more popular as time passed and developers released new series.

Now fans can’t wait for the 6th part of GTA to arrive and they expect it to have several improvements. Recently, gamers compiled a list with their expectations and update suggestions. We’ll have to wait and see if Rockstar decides to consider it.

Until now, developers haven’t made any official announcement regarding the Grand Theft Auto 6 release date or features. If we were to analyze GTA V Online version we might have some clues on what the changes within GTA 6 could be. Different speculations say that the newest part from one of the world’s most popular gaming franchise could come with varied missions and vehicles, a bigger map and the possibility to choose from more available characters.

Different objectives for completing rewarding missions

According to recent reports, within Grand Theft Auto 6 gamers might have the possibility to participate in a more diversified palette of missions with emerging objectives. Also, the developers could enrich the boat, bikes and aircraft collection.

Of course, cars and races with these vehicles are the main attraction form GTA. If players could choose between a cool variety of transport means, the gaming experience would be even more intense. Besides, previous versions of Grand Theft Auto proved that the vehicle diversity is a successful tradition.

The scenario is not common knowledge yet

Rockstar Games is a developer which knows how to keep the fans’ interest alive and prepare their top-notch releases. So far, the scenario and place where Grand Theft Auto 6 will take place haven’t been made public.

However, the possibility of taking the action back into Vice City is quite high. Other ideas claim that GTA 6 will take players in cross-country adventures, traveling from Vice City to maps inspired by South America. If this were true, new boats and aircraft will be necessary.

Regardless of your gender, you can be an excellent driver

Since critics always said that the Grand Theft Auto franchise portrays women in a degrading manner, developers thought about introducing a female character in the 6th part. This would be a smart move because there are a lot of lady-gamers who would appreciate this.

All these improvements require some time, therefore it will take a long while until we get to play Grand Theft Auto 6. No information was made public, but the estimated date could be during 2022 or after this year.



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