GTA 6: Is the Delay a part of Strategy or Incompetence?

Rockstar Games’ GTA V and GTA Online have been rated high on gamers’ lineup for a significant amount of time now. Despite five years, devoted fans are enthusiastic for the release of the sixth part in the franchise. Sadly, Rockstar appears to have shelved GTA 6 on the limbo for now. The U.S. based video game publisher may have multiple valid reasons for putting off the game. GTA 6 is in a tornado of speculations and the air is still unclear about its issue. Yet, there are multiple hearsays about the game.

Leslie Benzies was the erstwhile president of Rockstar North— the authentic birthplace of the Grand Theft Auto franchise. A lot of people accredit  GTA III and its subsequent instalments’ triumph to Benzies. Unfortunately, Benzies is not associated with Rockstar or Take-Two Interactive anymore in any manner. The final banner he worked on for the video game developer was GTA V, which to the present day is a grand success.


As per the reports regarding Benzies and his labor on the GTA series, he appeared to have devoted hugely to the franchise and may even be tagged the creative brain behind it, to a specific amount. Rockstar may be having a difficult time patching up the crack left by Benzies, which is why GTA 6 is taking longer than usual to unfold or gestate.

It is rumored that the game will be exclusive on PlayStation for a month, so GTA needs consoles in command. GTA 6 will be extraordinary and will have a huge influence on players across the world. Its authority on the gaming crowd will be on another level. It will modify the structure of gaming in the coming year.

Why has the game officially been unannounced?

Rockstar Games has not even confirmed the probable release of the game. However, there are grapevines circulating around for a probable release which is pretty clumsy for the game. There is no affirmation from the company, simply theories that are made according to spread rumors.

The game could possibly be in the development stage and unprepared for a probable demonstration at E3. Nevertheless, Rockstar Games has got a trick up its sleeve and could surprise the fans with showing a sneak peek of the game. It seems like Rockstar is taking gains from the fabricated stories to bask in the limelight.

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