GTA 6 is Returning to Vice City

GTA 6 is Returning to Vice City

The Grand Theft Auto has seen massive profits for an extended period of time. With the release of GTA5 having taken place in 2013, people are anxious to find out when the next game installment in the series is going to happen. Well, we know for sure that Rockstar is going to come up with GTA 6 soon but maybe not as soon as we want them to. Today we will be talking about some of the recent rumors concerning the lead characters, the possible city setting and the speculated release date for the game.

Release Date

Rockstar has decided to codename GTA 6 as “Project Americas” and from what we have gathered so far, the game is probably three or four years away from being officially released. Now, the information that we have right now only came from one source, and we have no way to confirm or deny the truth levels behind the rumor. Our advice is to take this with a pinch of salt until we have other sources confirming this information.

The report which put the release for GTA 6 3 to 4 years away came from The Know. This means that we can expect to play the game either in 2021 or 2022. Rockstar is known to struggle with meeting the release dates for their games so you should know that it might be pushed back even further.

Going back to Vice City?

The Know also stated that their insider has said that the game will be set in Vice City For those that are unfamiliar with the name, Vice City is a town that has appeared before in the game and it represents Rockstar’s version of South Florida.  We are uncertain about believing this rumor or not. Vice City has been one of the most loved locations of the game so making a comeback into that world would be fantastic. But it seems to have that “this is what we would like you to think will happen” kind of vibe. As we said before, take this with a pinch of salt. The game is still a long way from being released so we may see something different.

Female lead character

The GTA franchise mostly features women as either prostitutes or the girlfriends of the protagonist. Very rarely do we seem them in a position of power, and even then they get killed. One prominent rumor circulating the GTA community is that we will finally see a female lead character take the reins in GTA 6 but we will have to wait to see if that will be the reality.



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