GTA 6: Hopes Kindled of a 2020 Release Now

Though we had informed you a couple of days back that there is very little chance of your seeing the GTA 6 game, the sequel to the most successful GTA 5, before the year 2022, a new report claims confidently that the game would be out next year. This must gladden the hearts of many gaming enthusiasts all over.

Announcement Expected in 2019 itself

If you went by this report, Rockstar, the game’s developers may make public the official schedule for the release of the sequel by the third quarter of 2019 and the game should be released in the year 2020. You may even get to see a teaser by that time, claims the report. The teaser release is being predicted for the third quarter of this year which means around July-August, you may expect Rockstar to hold a public or private event to announce to the world that the GTA 6 is progressing, some of the highlights and improvements the game may witness from the previous iteration and possibly playout a teaser video of the game’s next version.

GTA 6 Rocksatar

That will send the adrenaline racing for many GTA fans and they may go delirious with excitement. The actual release of the game may stretch up to the end of the next year, 2020.

Difficult to Follow a Successful Performance

The biggest challenge for Rockstar would be to do one better than the current version, the GTA 5. As reported on several occasions, this has been one of the most successful video games ever and has sort of created a record of sorts. Now the GTA 6 has to be developed and presented in a manner that the gaming community laps it up with both hands. This is not very easy as it may seem for an outsider. Undoubtedly, the developers would have been clued in on the feedback from the gaming public on what all can be done to make the game even more interesting. Some suggestions include the release of a version that can be played on mobile phones as well. If Rockstar would do that and if the users of Android and iOS devices get to play the game, that itself would make the GTA 6 immensely popular considering the humongous number of devices out there in the market and in the hands of the users around the world.

If this latest report is indeed correct, the gamers will now increase their expectation levels for GTA 6.

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