GTA 6 Development Began Years Ago, Trusted Tipsters Leak its Possible Locations

GTA 6 Development Began Years Ago, Trusted Tipsters Leak its Possible Locations

Rockstar has stupendous fame for being a game development company that makes game titles, which stay relevant for many years to come. GTA 5 was launched way back in 2013 and continues to be popular in the online community while Red Dead Redemption 2 has just started its long journey onto multiple platforms including PC, Xbox Series X, and PS5.

Apparently, Rockstar Co-founder leaked the locations in which GTA 6 will be set in because the game development for this upcoming title started many years ago. After all, if you are going to create maps that stretch for miles with lots of places to explore, the game development team obviously needs half-a-decade in order to create such compelling games in the Grand Theft Auto series.

Secret Document Leaked

The information comes from tipsters Razed and Yan2295 who claim that they have gained access to a secret document used only by insiders at Rockstar. The overall content found in the document has been released as a video that you could watch in the below YouTube link to get an overall idea.

As a large game that will release in 2020 or later on futuristic console platforms, Rockstar obviously has to spread its reach on a whole new level. GTA 6 could possibly be set in Miami following the route initiated by GTA Vice City in the past. It could be a spiritual successor to the old game but a couple of other places were also discussed in the said document.

Powerful Next-Gen Consoles Will Support GTA VI’s Storytelling

The possible choices for GTA VI include a time travel to 1970s Las Venturas, Chicago, Mexico or Detroit to have snow in the locations. Another possible discussion was it would be similar to RDR 2 with small towns where you can’t just commit any crime and walk around. You will be on the wanted list adding more realism to the storyline.

Rockstar’s team has been working on GTA 6 since 2013 if rumors are to be believed and a 1970s setting is what fans really love because of the uniqueness it adds to the Grand Theft Auto world. The game can be expanded to multiple levels because PCs are far more powerful than they ever were but the best part is both PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles will be super powerful to handle large world generation at Full HD or 4K resolutions for maximum immersion.

Storytelling has always been the forte of the team and we can expect something amazingly impressive when GTA VI is officially announced possibly in 2020 mid or towards the end of the year.

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