GTA 6 could be delayed further because of these 2 upcoming games from Rockstar

Over time, Grand Theft Auto 6 has become one of the most awaited games in the world, even though the release date seems to be indefinitely far away! For quite a while now fans keep getting disappointed one way or another because of Rockstar games’ decisions regarding the game’s release. It was only recently being speculated that the game will be exclusive to next-gen hardware only, which could delay its release further. Now there seems to be another reason fans will have to wait longer for GTA 6: The release of Red Dead Redemption and Bully 2.

The hype around Bully 2

Bully is one of the most successful games other than the GTA franchise by Rockstar games. Ever since its release in 2006, the title was an instant hit. Bully runs in open-world gameplay like GTA, and the storyline follows the life of Jimmy Hopkins, a school kid in Bullworth. It has been a while since the first part came out, and now Rockstar has announced that a sequel is in the works and will be releasing within the next couple of years. Recently screenshots from the upcoming game were leaked online as well.

Bully 2

Although the sequel was announced in 2016, according to sources it got sidelined at Rockstar studios due to other under-development projects. While no one has said what these projects were, fans are speculating they could be Red Dead Redemption 2 or LA Noire.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Yet another game that has a probability of coming sooner to PC than GTA 6 launches is Red Dead Redemption 2. This game has been in the pipelines for quite a while now as well. The console version fir RDR 2 was released on 26th October 2018 and the game has been amongst the top few on all charts ever since. Rockstar Games may be planning to do the same thing with RDR 2 that they did with GTA V – they launched the OC version if the title 2 years after launching the game exclusively on the console. Moreover, since the announcement of Rockstar as an official publisher for Google Stadia gaming service, it’s even more likely that RDR 2 will see PC compatibility soon.

Red dead Redemption 2

Why GTA 6 could be delayed even further

The whole world of gaming is anticipating Grand Theft Auto 6, the internet is ablaze with rumors about the game, and yet Rockstar Games have maintained absolute silence on the matter since day 1.

In fact, while we are busy speculating the possibility of what could be inside the game, Rockstar Games haven’t even confirmed whether the game will even release or not. Ag this stage, all we can do is keep our fingers crossed and wait. Grand Theft Auto is definitely the biggest money-making franchise for Rockstar, therefore they aren’t going to abandon it, and there’s surely going to be the 6th part. Stay tuned for updates!

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