GTA 6 and Bully 2: New Leak with Additional Details Allegedly Shared by a Rockstar Employee

A new leak about Grand Theft Auto VI and Bully 2 by a Reddit user has several new details about the upcoming games from Rockstar. The user claims to have got the information from a Rockstar India employee. There are a lot of rumors about Rockstar having been actively involved in the development of these two games for quite some time.

Although six years have passed since the release of GTA V, there has been no end to the fans’ waiting excitedly for the next sequel. There have been various leaks over the years about GTA 6. However, they have been taken with a pinch of salt as there is no clear statement on which of the leaks are genuine and which are not. The first Bully game was released long ago in 2006 with fans expecting a sequel to be announced following various rumors about the game.

What to Expect from GTA 6

According to the Reddit user’s claim, the conceptual development for GTA 6 has been taking place for the past six years. However, the full development began only last year in 2018. As can be expected from Rockstar, the storyline will be based on the decision that players make to give them maximum freedom possible. This will also determine the story ending.

GTA 6 Rockstar

Codenamed Project Americas, GTA 6 will be primarily based on an island named Vice City. However, it will also cover the surrounding big and small islands, as well as cities and swamps close by. The game will be set in different eras and players will witness dynamic building changes from time to time. Similarly, they can expect to face different weather conditions like floods, lightning, and hurricanes in the course of the game. With a bigger map than GTA 5, the missions will be restricted and linear. They will be based only in Middle Park.

What to Expect from Bully 2

Based on the same Reddit user’s reports, two versions of Bully 2 are currently under development. One version is only for users of PS4 and Xbox One consoles. However, there are chances of the game being available on other consoles as well in the future.

The other version in progress is for PCs and next-generation systems. The highlight of this version will be that it will have a raytracing option, which is kind of a challenge for GTA 6.

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