GTA 6: 2020 Release Date Brings Excitement to the Gaming Enthusiasts

Grand Theft Auto 6

The release of a short video using Ray Tracing technology has suddenly created a stir among the gamers. The video gives a glimpse of how the game will look like and also features the talented modder, Pascal Glitcher, already a known name among the gaming community.

GTA 6 Will be PlayStation Exclusive

The excitement caused by the video has to be understood from the perspective that Rockstar, the developers of the game are expected to release GTA 6 as an exclusive on the latest PlayStation 5 that already has the Ray Tracing technology. So, this video takes you as close to what GTA 6 will really feel like when released. And there are very strong indications that the release may happen next year. Some rumors suggest Rockstar may show off the game’s next version at the E3 2019 to be held in June this year. But, there are others who immediately dismiss this possibility as the developer has never cared for the E3 in the past. Whether it does make an appearance in E3 or not, the release of GTA 6 in 2020 does appear a distinct possibility, though there is also a good number of people who suspect it may be pushed to 2021.


Some More Rumors on the Gameplay and Locations

While it is certain that the developers of the game will definitely want to bring in a lot of changes in the gameplay, to differentiate from GTA 5 that has been around for a long time, there are people speculating on this as well. According to some, the story may evolve with the players indulging in petty crimes to start with and then they will be seen getting into the drug-running business and building on that. Obviously, they will do this by destroying competition.

Similarly, on the locations which will form the backdrop of all the action, the earlier rumors are being repeated now with the Vice City, Liberty City and Los Santos indicated to be the locations featuring in GTA 6. But it seems the game will have much larger and wider geography in the next version than seen so far. None of these details though have been shared officially by Rockstar yet. The general trend is to go by the sources which have had them right in the past and hence considered reliable.

For Rockstar, its other successful franchise Dead Redemption 2 is as important in terms of the game’s popularity and from the revenue perspective. They will want to space out the release of the next versions of these two games to take the maximum advantage in the marketplace.

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