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GTA 5 – The Flying Pink Car Deluxo is a Phenomenon by Itself

Grand Theft Auto is all about cars and the theme says “drive car, do crimes”. Those who play the game are usually lovers of cars and wound choose the best of the automobiles available in the game. One gamer found a pink car Deluxo and has written a long blog about his complete experience with it. It is not free though but it does describe how the GTA 5 game itself has changed through the years and offers an interesting perspective.

The Description of Deluxo, the Pink Car

The car Deluxo sold within the GTA 5 game and bought using the in-game cash is pink in color. It may not be your regular color for a car like blue or red or black. The car has guns and heat-sinking missiles fitted on it. The most important fact is that the Deluxo can go very fast. If you wish to fly in the car, you can do that and do a whole lot of maneuvers with it while up in the air.

You can use the missiles to shoot anything around, below, in front or practically anywhere.

The Car May Not be All That Perfect

There are times when the Deluxo car while providing all excitement to the gamer may fly out of the player’s control and cause some trouble. There have been instances when the car fired at someone considering the personas an enemy target though the player may not be keen on shooting the same. It is also possible that this particular gamer was not fully conversant with the game’s finer nuances. There are professional players who will not face similar situations and handle the car or cars well. They pick the cars they are very familiar with and know how to play as well.

You can still play GTA 5 with Deluxo and get the best experience out of it.

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