Graphics Drivers Will Be Updated with the Play Store in Android O

It’s no secret that Google is working hard on their newest version of their beloved Android operating system. The project is codenamed Android O, and if rumors are true, the O could stand for Oreo. But that’s neither here nor there. More and more information keeps coming up each day on new features and such of the future version of Android, and it seems to be going great. The latest piece of info we’ve received from Google on Android O is that the future OS will come with the possibility to update device graphic drivers independently from system updates.

It seems that this will all become possible through the Google Play Store, which everyone knows is the all-encompassing marketplace for any Android app you might dream of. This particular piece of info was released by Romain Guy, one of Google’s execs, during last week’s Google I/O 2017, which is the company’s very own developer conference, held at their headquarters in Mountain View, Silicon Valley.

However, Romain Guy didn’t give any further detail on how that might work out in the future. We just know it exists so far. But this is huge news for all Android users out there, because it means that user experience will improve tremendously. It all depends on the flexibility level of the update, but the idea is that performance tweaks for apps and games could potentially be released at any time via the Play Store, without any need to integrated them in platform patches.

This is what big GPU companies like AMD or NVIDIA have been doing for a while as far as important game launches are concerned, and it’s known as ‘hotfixing’. And while the mobile device market has functioned on different parameters thus far, that could all change soon thanks to Android O.

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