Grand Theft Auto 6 Release Year Possibly Hinted by “Rockstar” Through Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto 6 is one of the most anticipated games of the year. After the huge success of GTA 5, the fans were excited about what would come next from the famous video game house.

Rockstar is still silent about the next iteration in the Grand Theft Auto series -the GTA 6. However, they might have hinted about the sequel to GTA 5 within the game itself to the gaming community.

GTA 6 Release Date Hinted in GTA 5

Like most of the GTA 6 leaks we are seeing nowadays, the release date revelation for the game was posted on the GTA 6 subreddit on Reddit. A user named VX97 posted a series of in-game screenshots from GTA 5. The images show three different doors in the Los Santos International Airport in GTA 5. The doors have the numbers 2013, 2014, and 2021 written on them.


As you may know, GTA 5 was initially released in 2013 and it was available for PS3 and XBOX 360 only. Later, in 2014, GTA 5 was released for PS4 as well as for Xbox One. The third year, however, is in the future which could hint the year when GTA 6 is planned to be released.


The Reddit user has also shared a map of the location where these doors can be found in GTA 5 so you can see it for yourself.

grand theft auto 6

The 2021 release year seems legit, as multiple sources have confirmed that GTA 6 may be released around 2021 as a timed PS4 exclusive. Steven Ogg – the voice actor for Trevor Phillips in GTA 5, recently hinted in an interview that Rockstar will release GTA 6 in 2021 by saying that games usually take seven to eight years and since GTA 5 was released in 2013, the release year of GTA 6 might be 2020 or 2021.

Other GTA 6 Rumors and Updates

There have been many rumors regarding the next Grand Theft Auto game by Rockstar. Some of them claim that the game will be set in the ’80s in Vice City and the main character will be involved in the drug trade. There are also leaks, which state that GTA 5 will have a better wildlife system with new hunting mini-games as well as missions. There have been various rumors regarding GTA 6 in the past few months and most of them are baseless. In the meantime, we are still expecting an official word from Rockstar to confirm the existence of GTA 6.

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