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Grand Theft Auto 6 Gameplay Images Emerge Online – Real or Fake?

Rockstar Games’ fans are highly anticipating any news about Grand Theft Auto 6 – the next installment in the GTA series after GTA 5 which was released back in 2013. This is the longest stint of time between any two GTA titles and there is still no official confirmation from Rockstar Games about the next iteration of the series.

There are rumors that the game will be released in 2020 and it will be a timed PS5 exclusive but the rumors were not backed by conclusive evidence. However, recently few gameplay images claiming to be GTA 6 gameplay images surfaced on Reddit.

The images were posted by two separate Reddit users, each user posting 2 different gameplay images.

However, the first set of images were debunked by the Youtuber MrBossFTW who found out that the police car image shown in the picture was rendered from a 3D police car model which is available online to buy. This proves that the image was surely not released by Rockstar.


The other image by the same Reddit user claimed to be of an Airport in the new GTA game but MrBossFTW also found them to be fake. According to the gaming YouTuber, there were a lot of light poles near the runway of the airport. Several light poles will make it difficult for planes to take off and land form the airport. Along with that, the mini-map in the image looked like a modded HUD from GTA 5 or Red Dead Redemption 2.

GTA 6 news

But the final nail in the coffin for the leaks was when the YouTuber looked at the final leaked image which was supposedly the first-person image from inside a car in the game. The image was blurry and it had a hotel and some other cars on the road. After researching the image online, MrBossFTW found out that the image was a real-life image shot captured outside Ocean View Hotel in South Beach Miami.

There have been credible leaks of Rockstar Games titles in the past on forums before the games were launched. However, it is way too early for GTA 6 leaks to surface online, especially images showing the gameplay. Till a leak surfaces, GTA 6 fans are waiting for Rockstar to officially announce the game or at least give a hint to the fans.

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