Grand Theft Auto 5 Casino Update – Gambling this Summer?

The summer breeze seems to be bringing in exciting news for the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) fandom from the city of Los Santos. “The Diamond Casino and Resort” is the newest structural addition to GTA 5 that fans have long-awaited.

The whereabouts of the Casino

The casino-extravaganza, belonging in Southern San Andreas, will feature hi-tech gaming facilities, modern entertainment and amenities, according to a statement from Rockstar. For those who have missed the (recently removed) “Opening Soon” sign, the casino sits near the Vinewood racetrack backdropped by the picturesque Tataviam Mountains. The luxury gambling den accommodates several exciting features including concierge services, table games, spinning the Lucky Wheel to get amazing prizes, parking services, fine spirits at the lounges and bars, and much more.

GTA 5 Online Casino

A vague release window for the Casino’s snaps

Rockstar Games has confirmed that the Downloadable Content (DLC) will release this summer and will be “the largest and most extravagant addition” to GTA 5 thus far. But Rockstar has sworn to keep fans guessing about its release of the first screenshot of the upcoming DLC. Gamers – be on your toes! The release of the first pictures and the launch of the DLC itself could be upon you! The release of the much-anticipated pictures would follow the GTA Online Arena War update that came out in December 2018.

Fans bought into the pattern created by the last few GTA casino teasers. This led to them believing that the first pictures would be released on July-11, bolstered by a previous prediction from the GTA Insider Tezfunz2. To everybody’s bitter disappointment, the rumor did not materialize. Since July-11 did not take shape, we now have good reason to believe that the DLC’s launch will also see a delay.

Exciting new updates for Twitch Prime Account members

In a way that compensates fans’ disappointment, Rockstar’s official Twitter account posted a message.

While the post has unleashed the ‘crazy’ in fans, we believe that it hints at possible tokens or chips that might let them gamble at the casino. In response to this tweet, @Tezfunz2 requested a sneak peek of the “new cars”. Rumor Ville has it that the DLC launch could bring along an electrifying collection of new cars too. Time to buckle up your seat belts!

Rumor mill indicates a delay in the DLC’s launch

 The rumor mill has been running wild recently with abstract theories coming from @Tezfunz2 himself. A few days before the update on Monday, he took to the GTA forums to write about how long it normally takes Rockstar between the date of announcement of release and the actual launch itself. He pointed out that Rockstar has often taken the meticulous route when it has come to its quality assurance process. He hinted at a delay around the launch of the DLC as opposed to his prediction of the release in mid-July. The launch date, according to him, could be pushed further than July-18. Though this can come as regrettable news to the fans, they can only sit tight and look forward to a concrete and comforting update from Rockstar.

A six-year wait is about to come to fruition and the fans can wait no longer. Keep your eyes peeled for some titillating news that might find its way on to the official Rockstar social feed this week.

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